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Margaret Markov
projectorguy was written on October 27, 2006

the shower scene

I was very suprised to find this movie on Encore.
Margaret is a beautiful girl. The shower scene is very enticing and leaves the viewer wanting more.
I attended acting class with Margaret and have often wondered how she is. She is tall about 5'8
I would guess. She is 55. Time flies.

tickledick was written on February 3, 2005

topless shower

We are not supposed to see it but she's wearing panties in the shower.

Cyclone was written on November 26, 2002

Two scenes

First, we get a few looks at Margaret's breasts during a shower scene that starts about 4 minutes in. Most of these shots are side views. Then, 17 minutes in, she's in "the oven", and we get a VERY dark look at her breasts from the side, and a quick peek at them in the light once she leaves the box. Her breasts seem nice enough, but none of the views are particularly good.

Pieman was written on July 3, 2013

Sadly, only brief boobs. Twice.

Margaret is a pretty girl, with a nice body. She spends an awful lot of the movie in a skimpy prison outfit that barely contains her goods. But contain them they do! Two exceptions: You can see her nice breasts briefly in the shower, and again briefly, but darkly, in a hot box. Really, one and a half stars, because it's more tease than please.

BushLeague was written on December 31, 2001

Topless in shower scene, and in Hot Box

Margaret appears topless in the exact same scenes Pam Grier does, with almost exactly the same camera angles. Her breasts are smaller, rounder, and more symmetrical than Pam's, but still appear to be natural.

Later the two have a fight scene where you get good view of the crotches of their panties and long shapely legs--a cat fight classic!

soulman was written on June 12, 2002

Shower Scene.

Markov appears in the same scenes as Grier. While she's not as endowed as Pam, she still has a pretty nice pair of tits. She's not shown as much as Grier, but still not too shabby. I'd give her an extra 1/2 * if I could.

Pam Grier
Cyclone was written on November 26, 2002

Two scenes

Pam first gets naked 4 minutes in during a shower scene. We only get a few peeks at her breasts from the side, but she does look good. Then, 17 minutes in, there's a long, but VERY dark view of her boobs from the side while she's in the hot box. But when she is allowed out of "the oven", she walks into the light, and we get a brief but excellent frontal view of her large tits. Not Pam's best nudity, but because of this one clear look at her terrific rack, it's definitely worth checking out.

BushLeague was written on December 31, 2001

Topless in shower scene, coming out of hot box

Pam goes through the usual prisoner orientation, that involves the obligatory shower. Her relatively large tits are shown from several angles--they are slightly assymetrical, but well shaped. (many other prisoners are also observed naked, back, side, front--but no bush). Later while in a hot box, you get a slightly darkened view from the side, and another brief glimpse full on as she is let out of the box.

soulman was written on June 12, 2002

Shower Scene.

Grier has a shower scene during the first part of the film. It's the usual gratuitous scene with great close-up and regular shots of a variety of tits and nipples including Pam's, of course. There's also a scene where she and Markov are in a hot box. You get a decent view inside and a much better one once she's let out. She and Markow also has a pretty nice catfight scene. She has better scenes in other film, but fans will like it.

Pieman was written on July 3, 2013

Sadly, only boobs. Twice.

You have to understand, I absolutely love Pam. So it breaks my heart to give this such a low rating. We are treated to a lot of side shots of her her magnificent breasts in the shower, and then some longer, better, but darker shots later when she's in the hotbox. No butt, no bush. She does look good throughout, but she's done better nudity elsewhere.

Alona Alegre
cybordemon was written on May 14, 2004

Electric shocks

A Topless Filipino Alona (juana) wearing a black mini skirt is tied down on a table, (hands over head) by drug dealers, they take her shirt off exposing her huge breasts and attach electric wires to her Breast. She screams and cries as she is interrogated with electric-shocks numerous times by Drug Dealers for information. Nice screaming

Pieman was written on July 3, 2013

Tied an tortured

Cute girl. Topless. Being given electric shocks. I might have given her a higher rating, but I;m not into torture.

Uncredited Actress
Pieman was written on July 3, 2013

Quite a few boobs and buttocks

Black Mama, White Mama is another Phillipine-shot exploitation film, so there is a decent assortment of women showing off their breasts and buttocks throughout the film. Mostly at the front of the film, in the women's prison, but there are a handful after that. Good, but not great film in the WIP genre.

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