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year title
2007 Heartbreak Kid, The 2 Reviews
2000 Risk 1 Review
1998 Never Tell Me Never 1 Review
1997 Flynn 1 Review
1996 Lust and Revenge 1 Review
1995 Erotic Tales 1 Review
1993 Touch Me 2 Reviews
1993 Heartbreak Kid, The 1 Review

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Heartbreak Kid, The (2007)
ausalfa was written on October 18, 1999

Brief Topless Scene

Teacher, Claudia appears briefly topless when she has an affair with one of her students

Chamonix was written on June 30, 2004

Two Scenes

Actually there are two scenes: about 20 mins in with her fiancé, and then the later scene (50 mins) with the sexy student. Both very brief, the second more so, and very dimly lit. Yet worth a high mark because you dont expect anything from a Heartbreak High spin-off, it's a surprise in a clichéd movie, and it intensely fulfils any teacher fantasies you ever had. Also like a poor man's "Summer of '42"! Ooh Miss Karvan...

Risk (2000)
OneMoreReviewer was written on May 2, 2003

2 sex scenes

Two sex scenes. Both dark, but the second one revealed more. Whole upper body from the side and both breasts hanging down as she rolls on top. Ok, because it's Claudia, otherwise barely mentionable. Nice bikini shots though.

Never Tell Me Never (1998)
tazzie was written on December 31, 1999

shower scene

Only one star, as Claudia does her best to hideall of her interesting bits as she's squatting inthe shower crying. Could have been so much moreinteresting, but still worth a look if you're afan, I guess.

Flynn (1997)
69Charger was written on April 25, 2006

28:00 minute mark.

Dark scene but you can make out her puffy nipple,and she rolls over and is on top of Flynn.A little bit of bare back too,from Claudia.

Lust and Revenge (1996)
tazzie was written on June 18, 1999

having sex with Nicholas Hope

Claudia is on top, but the camera is side-on andsomewhat behind the action, so all we get to seeis one breast as she leans forward. Earlier inthe movie, she also runs around in bra and pantiesafter taking a drug that makes her hot for sex.

Erotic Tales (1995)
palmbreeze was written on July 2, 1999

Nude Throughout

Nude throughout this Cable show ; best scene full body wash by lesbian lover . Absolute horn !

Touch Me (1993)
ausalfa was written on October 18, 1999

Nude throughout

Topless and full-frontal lesbian scenes throughout

Cyclone was written on July 1, 2000

Several scenes

We see her very nice tits many times throughout the film, but we also get at least two looks at her ass and two brief shots of bush. My favorite scene was at the end where she's being washed in the nude. Definitely worth a look.

Heartbreak Kid, The (1993)
koramber was written on April 9, 2017

Topless scenes

Surprising no one reviewed this breakthrough movie for Claudia's nude scenes. Apart from being as dashing as Lady Diana (same hairdo, if you adore that) she appears in at least couple scenes in bed in nice nippular action.

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