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1971 Catlow 0 Reviews
1967 Casino Royale 1 Review

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Catlow (1971)
Casino Royale (1967)
Ghostwords was written on August 31, 2012

Female Bond

The delicious Ms Lavi plays a female MI6 agent captured by the evil Dr Noah and pinned naked to an examination table by two wide metal straps. The camera kindly peeks under the top strap, so that we can see the underside of her breasts, and it's noticeable that she's careful to hold that strap tight to her chest when Noah loosens the one side, before handing her a dress to slip into (bare back as she rises, and the slightest hint of lower spine as she steps away from the table, although she's bound to have been wearing knickers). Gets its point not so much for actual flesh on view, but for the sexy teasing.

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