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year title
2012 Flight 2 Reviews
1991 Ricochet 5 Reviews
1991 Mississippi Masala 7 Reviews
1987 Cry Freedom 0 Reviews
1979 Hurricane, The 4 Reviews

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Flight (2012)
spanishirish was written on February 4, 2013

Hospital room

You get a quick glimpse at Denzel's bum as his hospital gown is open from the back.
John Goodman opens the door to greet Denzel as a nurse is helping Denzel off the bed and Wshington's beefy ass is on show for a fleeting moment.
Not much really but it is nudity so it's worth noting and adding to his resume here.

Ghostwords was written on March 2, 2013

Brief butt

There's a very brief view of Whip's (Washington's) butt when his friend Harling (John Goodman) visits him in hospital. He's bending over a hospital bed and the gown opens at the back to offer a shadowy view.

Ricochet (1991)
StandardGrade was written on July 3, 2003

Covered frontal/Partial rear

Man, Denzel looks hot here! He's sitting nude in the loker room when the female D.A. walks in. As he quickly jumps up, we see what appears to be a quick frontal shot. If you pause the scene, however, it is clear that he is wearing a flesh colored pouch. This is still fairly revealing nonetheless. After jumping up from the bench, Denzel then stands behind the open locker door and continues to talk to the D.A. The scene goes on for anywhere from 30 to 50 seconds and we get several great shots of Denzel's chest and side (thankfully the locker door is small and barely covers him!). This scene doesn't really have as much nudity as it could have, but it has a lot of skin, and I think Denzel looks the best he ever has here - if that's possible! Very muscular and he looks as handsome as ever. He has really great nipples too, if you're interested.

dvddish was written on July 4, 2003

ass and covered frontal

in locker room scene you see most of his ass and covered frontal

Derek was written on May 1, 1999

Locker room

Sitting nude on a bench in the locker room, gorgeous Washington is caught by surprise by new police captain (or some such) Lindsey Waggoner. He tries to conceal himself with a locker door. Nice butt shot, and marvelous embarassement context.

bukker3 was written on March 11, 2000

fast penis shot

If you freeze it and go into slow motion, you see his nice pinis!!!

moviestuff was written on August 12, 2003

his nice ass and covered frontal!!!!

he has ha nice hot ass and he's not afraid to show it but sadly he covers his dick :-(

Mississippi Masala (1991)
StandardGrade was written on July 3, 2003

Quick rear shot when getting out of bed.

This scene is really well shot and lighted, but it is over with fairly quick. I think Denzel is probably the most handsome man ever to come out of Hollywood, however this film was made before he got into really good shape - he looks kind of skinny here. He was definately in better shape in RICOCHET and THE HURRICANE, however this scene is still the best for actual nudity.

iammedebs was written on February 15, 2009

Beautiful ass as he gets up

Wow!! 6 years since someone posted a review on the extremely gorgeous and talented Mr W.
Denzel is super-hunky in this movie. We see his beautiful black butt as he gets out of bed to open the door. The Asian actress is lovely in this and she lays on bed watching as DW stands up to pull his denims on and we all get a flash of that ass!!

dvddish was written on July 4, 2003

brief buns wile getting out of the bed

you see a brief shot of his ass if you want a nice three star ass see the hurricane

iammedebs was written on February 17, 2009

Denzel's sexy ass!!

As gorgeous DW gets up from bed to pull on his jeans after having sex with the lady we see his ass momentarily. Just wish it was for longer or at least he'd've walked to the door still showing his gorgeous ebony ass. 4 stars though because it's DW!!

tungtung was written on September 7, 2002

after love scene, walks out from bed

the scene lasts 5 seconds. in my opinion denzel washington doesn't have a great body. hence 1 star.

yowza was written on January 10, 2000

Nude After Sex

After spending the night with a girl, we see Denzel stand up out of bed and put pants on, all in one motion (as only actors in movies do). We get a decent view of his bare ass in those brief seconds; it's kind of from the side, but a reasonable distance away. It looks great, and I wish we could see more.

moviestuff was written on August 12, 2003

a brief ass wile getting out of the bed

you can briefly see his nice ass wile getting out of the bed after he had sex

Cry Freedom (1987)
Hurricane, The (1979)
StandardGrade was written on July 3, 2003

Distant, very brief rear shot.

Denzel really worked himself back into shape for this film, and looks fantastic in the boxing trucks he wears in several scenes. During a prison strip search, you can see his ass for a split second. But it's really to brief and distant to really be satisfing and could have been a lot better.

bmg was written on January 9, 2000


We get to see Denzel's great butt in all its glory as he's checked nude before meeting visitors.

Ryan was written on January 9, 2000

Surprising but...

Even though Denzel has mentioned in press for the film that this is probably going to be the last time he looks so buff on film I wasn't actually expecting a genuine nude scene. So the rear exposure is definately welcome however this isn't that great. He starts out in shadows and his butt is only clearly seen rather briefly, and it's also at a distance from the camera. I'm being generous with the ** rating just because it's Denzel. There are a couple other bare butts in the scene but nothing remarkable.

moviestuff was written on August 12, 2003

far away buns

this is the best nude scene so far in acting job you see his hot ass far away in the locker room

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