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1976 Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll 1 Review
1970 Nightmares Come at Night 1 Review

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Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (1976)
sky_blue_waters was written on March 8, 2009

Quick silhouette

She visits her new hired hand after he has been injured. He works a little OT and we see her boob briefly, but only after she turns off the light.

Nightmares Come at Night (1970)
12-string was written on July 18, 2005

repeatedly throughout

Lack of a decent erotic charge prevents me from giving this appearance ****. Lorys, cast as a schizo stripper, works FF repeatedly throughout the movie, a Jess Franco sex thriller antedating his crotch-zoom period. Lorys moves into a lesbian relationship (rather tamely shown) with blonde Colette Giacobine and begins having dreams about sadistic murders. So we see her in bed, on stage at the sleazy Zagreb club where she and blondie met, taking showers, getting examined by the doc in see-thru babydoll and panties. Rule of thumb is, if she has her clothes on, just wait a minute or so. The 1.33 framing on the DVD is not always satisfactory; looks like it was shot in 1.85. Lorys' skin scenes rarely suffer from the cropping, as Franco tends to keep her centralized in the frame.

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