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Executioner's Song, The's Sexy Actresses

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Arquette, Rosanna 5 Reviews

Executioner's Song, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Jones, Tommy Lee 1 Review

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Rosanna Arquette
crazy was written on January 8, 2000

Very graphic in the Unrated Version

For the real hot action get the UR-version. It has Rosanna Arquette in several sex scenes. I mean, damn! She's leg spread on top of a guy with breasts and pussy all visable. Wow!!! And did I mention she is on of the few actresses left who have real tits. There of good size and beautifully shaped. Four stars for this movie having her most graphic sex scenes. But see Nowhere to Run for her most explicit sex scene and her best nudity.

Joel was written on January 11, 1999

In bed with Tommy Lee Jones

An outstanding scene in which a completely nude and extremely large breasted Ms. Arquette straddles the lucky Jones.

Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

In bed with a lucky Tommy Lee Jones and being strip searched at the prison.

Lucky Tommy Lee has her in bed in 2 scenes. One scene he is on top of her jusy finishing making love and a good shot of her tits and a quick close up shot of her bush as she gets out of bed to go to the kitchen. The other scene in bed she is straddling the fortunate Tommy Lee screwing her just before he gets mad and slaps her out of bed. The last scene she is being strip searched by a female guard. Nice ass shot.

Dust Bowl 68 was written on February 4, 1999

Make sure it's the theatrical cut

Arquette looks terrific in one of her most revealing roles; however, if you rent the version shown on American network television you'll be sorely disappointed. Only in the theatrical release that was shown in Europe will you see the nudity (as well as hear her hilarious uncensored remarks to Jones' Gary Gilmore that end a sex scene). Look for an R rating or theatrical/director's/unrated cut.

RichT was written on November 19, 2001

First film I saw her in, and still her best nudity

This was the very first film I saw with Roseanna in, and it still out-does ALL her subsequant ones in terms of what you see of her great body. The best scene is most definiately the one where she stradles TLJ. Although it is badly lit, you can still see her great natural breasts, and her cute dark BUSH ! Later she shows her boobs and bush again, as she gets out of bed. Finally, she is strip searched when visiting TLJ in prison, and you see her cute butt. I believe she had actually secreted drugs on/in her person, but I don't know if they were discovered during the strip-search ? Wouldn't it be great to have carried out that search though ??? As already stated by the previous reviewers, you MUST see the full version, or you'll be wasting your time !

Tommy Lee Jones
Ozzie700 was written on January 21, 2002

Brief Buns

I've only seen the TV-14 version. He's walking into the kitchen (very distant shot), and we see his hard ass for not even a full second before he's out of the frame.

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