Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The's Sexy Actresses

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Rapace, Noomi 4 Reviews

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

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Noomi Rapace
Ghostwords was written on March 15, 2010

Numerous sex scenes (SPOILERS)

Ms Rapace plays Lisbeth, an emotionally-scarred young woman recently released from a psychiatric ward. Unfortunately, her new probation officer is a sexual predator who forces her to fellate him (no nudity) and later anally rapes her (her naked butt is in shot, but slightly out of focus).

Fortunately, she escapes this situation and enters the life of investigative reporter Mikael (Michael Nyqvist). When he first visits her flat, Lisbeth is in bed with another woman (whether they're actually lovers is left unclear); as she rises to answer the door, we see Lisbeth's breasts and butt, albeit briefly.

When Lisbeth and Mikael become lovers, however, we get several lengthy looks at her breasts, including one scene where she lies on her back in bed. Ms Rapace is clearly at ease with nudity and the fact that she reprises the character in two further movies (as yet unreleased in the UK) leads one to hope they'll be similarly revealing.

BMac was written on August 17, 2010

less than meets the eye

Good movie, but there's not that much nudity. At 1:11:51-55, flat-chested Noomi Rapace is sleeping with her girlfriend when she's awoken knocking on her door. There's a brief view of Rapace's scrawny boobies and a better one of her decent ass, just a hint of bush but no frontal view.
At 1:27:05-45, there are some more glimpses of Noomi's A/AA-cup breasts and partial butt, which is the only bit that's attractively lit. After climaxing, Rapace gets up and walks around the room, but the scene is very dark and she's holding her clothes in front of her privates.
This adds up to about 1½ stars, but there are better views in The Girl Who Played with Fire.
On one hand, only Carly Pope is actually jealous of Rapace's tiny titties. But as an actress, Noomi does a great job with a difficult part. If anti-social goth hackers do it for you, you might be stimulated.

bilfic was written on June 8, 2010

Small-breasted but erotic beauty

I have very little to add to the above review, which pretty much says it all. This actress is small-breasted to the point of being almost flat-chested, but she is nevertheless quite erotic. Great movie.

noned was written on July 17, 2010

Multiple nude scenes

Her nudity in this movie is both hot and disturbing.

Michael NyQvist
donby was written on August 16, 2010

Bedroom Scene, uncovering Michael's crotch.

As our heroine pulls off the journalist's Speedos, with careful use of the pause button, we can see his crotch area. However, his pubic hair (and the camera angle) hides the family jewels.

Never-the-less, this becomes one heck of a sexy scene !.

Fantastic movie that will keep you guessing about its many twists & turns. 2-1/2 hours, but it's not boring.

BMac was written on August 17, 2010


This occurs at 1:27:01 as Noomi Rapace comes into the bedroom and pulls the covers off Nyqvist. You can see pubic hair, but his cock is more surmised than visible. Half start.

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