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Leslie Caron
Immy was written on October 6, 2009

Very brief left breast (0:22)

Not much but worth noting considering Leslie's a Hollyood legend. She has an extended scene breast feeding her baby and as she's seated talking, the baby's head moves slightly and most of her left boob comes into view.

Claudine Auger
Immy was written on October 6, 2009

Very brief breasts (1:19)

Married man Nino Manfredi has just cheated on his wife (Leslie Caron) with Claudine. She gets out of bed in the semi-dark room, goes to the window (a couple of shadowy silhouettes of her boobs during this) and opens the blinds. Once the sunshine pours in and we see her bare back she turns and heads back to Nino in bed but self-consciously holds her arm up, obscuring any good direct exposure. We do see the briefest bit of her left boob just as she turns plus a pretty good side right breast as she puts Nino's shirt on (best seen in the gap below the railing).

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