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Elizabeth Perkins
Chicago was written on April 25, 2001

Getting it from behind

At :54.5-:56, Elizabeth is being sexed by a guy from behind. The camera pans up her body from the knees to her face, revealing some of her pubes peaking out from around her hand covering her nether regions and then her breasts, which get the majority of the viewing. While you clearly see her nice, decent breasts, areola and nipples, unfortunately, their arms are wrapped around the bottom of her breasts, so you can't really see the shape of them. Still, the scene is nice enough to view.

louisgara was written on December 20, 1999

Breasts and partial frontal nudity in sex scene

Halfway through the movie, when Perkins and Andrew McCarthy have sex, the camera zooms up to them, showing a real brief, partial glimpse of her bush and a long shot of her breasts in front of McCarthy. Perkins is wonderful to look at and her nude scene in the movie is worth looking for. Otherwise, its a pretty awful movie.

vpup was written on June 24, 2002

Topless love scene

Just want to add that the pan & scan VHS does not show any portion of her bush. The scene would have been (more) erotic had the character not have the disease.

Rosanna Arquette
dav345 was written on October 16, 2003

top of butt getting out of bed

You see the upper half of her butt, very briefly, when she gets out of bed - slightly out of focus. It might get 2 stars except for the fact that it could easily be a body double. Don't waste your time on the nudity in this film.

Chicago was written on April 25, 2001

2 scenes

Rosanna has done more in other movies. Despite this being a mainstream star the nudity is so weak, I can't give it 2*'s. Louisgara's description is basically correct. At :23.5, there's a 10 sec. view of the top of her ass (partial crack) as she walks away from the guy in the bed. [Though none is credited, it's shot as if it could even be a body double.] At 1:07.5, Rosanna pops up out of the tub water; there's a ~15 frame shot of her breasts from the front side. She moves so quickly that even in slow motion frame-by-frame it's not even worth it.

louisgara was written on December 20, 1999

Buns and brief breasts in 2 scenes

Part-way through I'm Losing You when Arquette and her boyfriend are making love, he's kissing down on her body and pulls her panties off, and right when he's ready to give her oral sex, she runs out of the room showing off her cute butt. Another scene half-way through, when Arquette has a nightmare in the bathtub, we see a quick glimpse of her breast. Nothing great, but the love scene with her and her boyfriend is pretty hot.

Penis was written on December 20, 1999

Full Frontal as well

There is a scene when she is in an arguement on a beach and the jacket she is wearing opens up for a second and we get to see some short and curlies. Very tasty!

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