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Getting Into Heaven (1970)
sky_blue_waters was written on May 16, 2005

Leave It to Beaver

She plays Uschi's roommate, and has several well lit nude scenes throughout this film. She is a brunette with fairly large breasts and a full round bottom. Although this is her only nude work, she was a child actress in a "My Three Sons" and a couple of "Leave it to Beaver" episodes. So, if your a fan of these shows, you can see all that she grew into.

Cyclone was written on June 9, 2008

Several nude scenes

Jennie first gets naked about five minutes in, when she strips down in front of a mirror and masturbates for 3-4 minutes. We get several looks at her ample breasts, and some shorter looks at her ass, but oddly, we don't get to see her pubes until she stops playing with herself, and goes into the shower. At the 19 minute mark, she gets topless again, and by the 22 minute mark, she's fully naked. Numerous looks at her chest, fleeting glances at her bush, and a rather good look at her butt at the 28 minute mark follow, and the whole scene lasts almost 12 minutes. Jennie doesn't get naked again until the 47 minute mark, and while this scene is short, she does go full frontal. 56 minutes in, she gets fully naked again while plastering Uschi's bare flesh with VapoRub. This leads to a very nice view of her bare breasts sliding across Uschi's bare ass, and eventually, a brief lesbian scene with Jennie on top of Uschi. Her final nude scene begins 72 minutes into the film, and over the next 12 minutes we get several more looks at Jennie, although the action frequently cuts to Uschi and Phyllis. Overall, Jennie looks pretty good, although it's hard not to compare her to Uschi, and she definitely pales in comparison to Uschi. But on her own terms, she's worth checking out.

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