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1995 Affair, The 2 Reviews

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Affair, The (1995)
Chicago was written on October 17, 2001


I have to disagree with the previous poster...Kim's nude in only one scene, the first. At :39, Kim goes into a bike shop, opens her jacket to show the guy a tatoo (and her breasts) as Raelyn then walks in on them. The scene is brief, you only see her left breast from a medium distance, the lighting is poor and she's not attractive. The other scene referred to, Kim keeps her bra on throughout and you don't see anything.

DMan was written on August 7, 2000

Two scenes I remember

This redhead shows her tits twice in this movie. The first time isn't that fantastic. She shows them once to a guy who's working on a motorcycle to show him her new tatoo. The lighting isn't that good but you can still see her tits.

Another time she is starting to make out with the guy and we again see her topless and see her panties as well. This is broken up by the guy's ex-girlfriend and he gets mad and leaves. The two ladies then start to kiss each other.

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