Lauren Hays' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2003 Womb Raider 2 Reviews
2002 Perfectly Legal 4 Reviews
1999 Web of Seduction 3 Reviews
1999 Temptations 2 Reviews
1999 Stripper Wives 1 Review
1999 Playboy's Girlfriends 2 0 Reviews
1999 Crime & Passion 1 Review
1998 Sex Files: Digital Sex 1 Review
1998 Rebecca's Secret 4 Reviews
1998 Life of a Gigolo 5 Reviews
1998 Dangerous Invitation 3 Reviews
1998 Club Wild Side 2 Reviews
1998 Alien Files, The 1 Review
1996 Raven 1 Review
1994 Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure, The 1 Review
1993 Mirror Images II 1 Review
1992 Meatballs 4 2 Reviews

Lauren Hays' Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2002 Hotel Erotica 8 Reviews
2001 Thrills 4 Reviews
2000 Passion Cove 4 Reviews
1997 Hot Springs Hotel 1 Review
1994 Erotic Confessions 1 Review

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Hotel Erotica (2002)
Chazz was written on October 13, 2002

"X-treme Sports"

dpph, brings up a good question: why does sit down to read the letter (which, if the length of the episode is any indication) is a half-hour long read? I guess some people just don't care about high water bills. But she is worth watching.

dpph was written on December 13, 2002

Episode: The Competition

In nearly every episode of this series, we've seen Ms. Hays go completely nude for a moment or two before reading a letter, but we only see her in a skimpy bikini in this ep.

PS: The beginning to this episode is hilarious, however, because she begins to read the "letter" that is supposed to be narrating this 22-minute episode, and it's nothing but a tiny postcard. Hell, the opening 30 seconds of narration wouldn't even fit on that postcard.

Chicago was written on November 7, 2002

2 scenes in “She’s the Boss”

At :01.5-:02.5 in this episode, Lauren delivers a clear, good full frontal view of herself as she doffs her rob and crawls into the hot tub, grabs a glass of champagne and settles in to read a letter (breasts then above the water line). At :the end of the episode at 26.25, Lauren’s again seen back in the hot tub…breasts above water line for 20 sec.

soulman was written on November 9, 2002

The Beginning Of Every Episode.

At the beginning of every episode Hays drops her robe giving a frontal shot of her getting into the hottub. You see her fake, but beautiful tits and nicely trimmed patch. Every episode also end with a shot of her tits once again seen above the water of the hottub. Though I haven't reviewed her in the past I just love that gorgeous body of hers.

dpph was written on October 6, 2002

As Chloe; In episode X-Treme Sports

She's basically the main character of the overall show in that she runs the hotel and reads the letters that make up the show's story.

A few minutes in she starts up a shower and we get to see her breasts and pubic hair from afar. Nice chest, though fake, and we do get a pretty good look at the pubic hair. Then right at the end of the episode we see her breasts as she embraces a man. Not very interesting or great nudity, but I wanted to give more than a one because she did go full frontal in front of the shower.

Upon reflection: It's odd that she starts a shower at the top of the episode and then sits down to read a half-hour story. Talk about a waste of city water!

Chicago was written on October 6, 2002

2 scenes in "X-treme Sports"

dpph does a good job of describing Lauren's scenes...the first comes at :02-:02.25, the second at :27.25-:27.5 (dropping tow).

Chicago was written on October 24, 2002

5 scenes in "The Fast and the Curious"

At :10-:12 in this episode, Lauren strips with a guy...breasts, dark pubes, and ass as she's sensually done from behind, bent over in the shower...nice. At :15, Lauren undresses for a solo bath and naked for 10 sec. At :17.75-:20, the guy undresses her from behind...breasts and pubes as he does her slowly from behind while she's bent over; she then does him from on top before she's seen lying down in front of him on her side...good full frontal shots throughout. At :21.75-:22, Lauren is in the bathtub, gets out wet and sudsy and puts on a robe. At :25-:26.5, Lauren is sexing a guy on the beach as water laps in on them...she's on top before being done from behind on her knees and then doggie-style; good full frontal and ass shots throughout. Lauren's rarely going to give a wild sex performance, but she'll not hold back full, solid nudity and she's got a decently hot body consistenly making her a great watch.

b00bfan was written on March 30, 2006

Episode: Chasing Jamie

Lauren has very nice boobs shots in this episode but the best clip of all is at the end. She and a very muscular guy do it on a beach. The guy first does her missionary and they both make moaning sounds while he thrusts into her. Theres also a very nice part when Lauren sits up on her knees with the guy doing her from behind while he holds onto her big boobs and gives em a few squeezes. Then she gets on top of him and rides him nice and easy while he grabs her breasts and squeezes them together real nice. Good quality clip.

Thrills (2001)
Chicago was written on June 15, 2001

1 f/f scene in "Sex & Sweat"

In “Sex & Sweat,” Lauren has a f/f with Angela West in the sauna. At :01.25-:02.75, Lauren, detoweled, cups and licks Angela’s large breasts, gets simu-oraled by her (nice moans!!), and licks her ass while fondling herself. There’s a brief full frontal of her (pubes in shadows) as she and Angela leave the sauna. Nice scene, pretty hot, but unfortunately it’s way too short!

Chicago was written on October 3, 2002

2 scenes in "Rock n' Roll Groupie"

Lauren kicks off this episode with a pair of good nude scenes. At :00.75-:04.25, naked Lauren slips into an indoor jacuzzi and drizzles water on herself...breasts, ass and mohawk pubes. After moving to the edge of the tub, a guy enters the bathroom with a camera filming her; the scene cuts to him simu-oraling her (nice wide leg spread but camera is pulled back), she sexes him reverse-seated with water splashing, and they go at it facing each other. At :07.25-:11.5 at a rocker's party, she then gets it on with the rock star who quickly opens her top once they're both on the bed and her pants come off (nice chain around her waist). While he has 2 videocameras taping them and the camera pans back and forth between the two tripods, she does him from atop before he simu-orals her...breasts and some pubes from a medium distance. Finally at :10.5, the camera cuts in closer as she gets it doggie-style. The scene ends with her exiting from under the bed covers...breasts briefly.

dpph was written on September 7, 2002

"Taming of Felicia;" 2 scenes

A bit before the halfway mark of the episode, Lauren is eating Chinese food with one of her employees. Soon her top is off and they begin to have sex. Her breasts, though very very fake, are also very very attractive fakes. Sure, it'd be better if they were real, but this is still one very hot woman.

First she puts some sauce on her chest and has him lick her lovely breasts. Then he's standing behind her. She's only wearing her flimbsy top and it's away to the side. Her breasts are clearly visible for a long time and her lover has his hand on her naked crotch. We can just barely make out some pubic hair, but you really can't see anything. Still, it's a very hot scene. Finally the scene ends with her lying on a desk while she's simu-screwed by the guy.

The next scene is just before the end of the episode. She has fake sex with the same guy but in a jacuzzi. Only breast shots. No fur.

I gave this a three because she's very hot and there's decent exposure. Had she shown us more south of the border, it would've easily been a 4-star.

Chicago was written on September 8, 2002

2 scenes in "The Taming of Felicia"

dpph does a good job of reviewing Lauren's scenes in this episode. Her first scene comes at :10.5-:12.75; her second comes at :23.75-:25.25.

Passion Cove (2000)
Chicago was written on November 9, 2002

3 scenes in "Ten Years Later"

Other reviewers do a good job of describing Lauren's scenes, however, I saw the last scene as two. Her 1st scene comes at :05.25-:10.5 (breasts, ass, pubes); her 2nd comes at :21-:23.75 (I'd reiterate dpph's description of the pubes close-up...sweet!), and her 3rd comes at :25.75-:26 (breasts as she's in bed and rolls onto her back while talking to the guy).

dpph was written on July 9, 2002

Sex on stairs and then again later on

Eight or so minutes in, she has sex with a guy on some stairs. Her breasts, though probably fake, look quite nice in this scene; they aren't the ridiculous jumbo fakes that so many actresses these days seem to go for. Her nipples are really perfect. There are also some shots of her pubic hair (nice and trimmed) and some shots where you can't really see anything but her naked crotch is pointed right at the camera.
After the sex, she's lying with the guy. She's completely naked, leading to long long shots of her breasts. The camera pulls back briefly, letting you see her from her head to the very top of where her pubic hair is just beginning.

About 21 minutes into the episode, they cut sharply into a sex scene with her on a bed riding the guy from earlier. She's on top and rocking back and forth facing the headboard. Her breasts still look great, but they're framed from the side. Then comes the part that bumps this from a 3-star to a 4-star performance. The camera cuts away to her perched on her knees on the bed, facing away from him towards a bedpost. We get a good faraway look at her brown pubic hair, which, though trimmed, is visibly more shaggy than it appeared earlier (though not in a bad way). There's then an angled panning body shot that starts close up towards her great breasts and then drifts down giving a great view with lots of depth of her pubic hair. You can't really see lips, but you do see a hell of a lot. You get some silhoutte shots of the pubic hair near her groin as her male friend gives it to her from behind.

There are a few more quick camera shots of her breasts and a side shot of her fur again. Then both she and her bfriend are lying on their side, him behind her as they face the camera. At first you can't see pubic hair, just her stroking her groin and him rocking against her, but then there's some brief but good full shots of her pubic hair.
Overall, it's a great scene, but the camera does kind of fly all over the place really quickly, which can be frustrating. It all ends with him on top of her, obscuring all but her breasts, as they both do some heavy rocking and sudden jerks to simulate orgasm.

dpph was written on July 9, 2002


quick addition:
The episode I was referring to is called "Ten Years Later"

Maxijan was written on April 7, 2001

Shows all in two scenes

From the episod 'Ten years later'. She is having two quite explicit scenes, one in the stairs and one in bed.
One of the better episod as far as acting goes.

Hot Springs Hotel (1997)
Gordon was written on November 14, 2001

Hot, long sex scene in "Rock Star" episode

Lauren is a gorgeous brunette with an amazing rack and a toned, curvy body. She has a 3+ minute nude scene with a guy during which her clothes are removed (revealing the aforementioned body) and the guy proceeds to touch and kiss her all over. Before long she's riding him hard and with great ardor. This is a great scene from a great-looking actress and a great series.

Erotic Confessions (1994)
Chicago was written on December 3, 2002

5 scenes in "Picture This"

Lauren doffs clothes in 5 scenes, 10 of 22+ min. of this tamely filmed episode. At :01.25-:02, Lauren slips down the top of her black negligee as she takes pictures of herself (camera on automatic), revealing her ample breasts. At :03.5-:06 while through a peephole spying on bleach-blonde Ramine Gregersena and Jason Schniut getting it on, Lauren again takes down her top as she begins to masturbate, slipping her hand down her outfit--breasts and ass in thong. At :11-:11.25, Lauren's breasts are viewable through a wet t-shirt as are her pubes from under the shirt (from a distance) while getting out of a bathtub during a photo shoot after Kira Reed barges into the room. At :13.25-:15.5, Lauren is seen masturbating behind a partition while watching Kira and Jason go at it in the tub...breasts through the t- and then out of it as she then cums and Jason hears her. At :18-:22.25, the scene cuts to her naked with Jason as the two are starting to get it on...breasts and side ass while a cheesy song plays. He licks her breasts, simu-orals her and she is seen lying on top of him (ass) before she simu-orals him. The two then go at it slowly in various positions, never staying more than 10 sec. in any one. While there are several views of Lauren, they're less than ideal as the camera generally keeps its distance while filming.

Womb Raider (2003)
bri78 was written on May 1, 2009

Entire Movie

Lauren is an Adult Star. If your expecting porn forget it. I will say this is about as soft girl-girl as you can have without going hardcore. Although she is full frontal through out much of the movie as is many of the other actresses; of the names I recognized in the credits they all have done porn. You do not get spread eagle explicit shots although you do see the vulva lips for a second here and there.

bri78 was written on May 1, 2009

Entire Movie

Lauren is an Adult Star. If your expecting porn forget it. I will say this is about as soft girl-girl as you can have without going hardcore. Although she is full frontal through out much of the movie as is many of the other actresses; of the names I recognized in the credits they all have done porn. You do not get spread eagle explicit shots although you do see the vulva lips for a second here and there.

Perfectly Legal (2002)
Umpire was written on November 8, 2002

Multiple Sex Scenes

I suspect that Helmut saw the R-rated version of this film, as he doesn't even mention a great scene that Lauren Hays has. She does have the two scenes that he reviews - a sex scene with her boyfriend and a sex scene with her legal adversary. Both scenes are great, with some fantastic views of Ms Hays, and some great simulated action. In the unrated version of the film, Ms Hays has what I consider to be her best scene in the film - a great, hot masturbation scene. You see her removing her clothing, and see her "all her glory," as she has a long, simulated masturbation scene. You even see some close-up shots of the action that almost look real! Forget the r-rated version - make sure you get the unrated version.

Hamilton was written on January 4, 2003

Unrated DVD

Lauren has two scenes with male co-stars that are very hot, but it's her solo mastubation scene that steals the show. She gets aroused watching TV and starts feeling herself up. She is a cute girl, smallish, with beautiful skin and a tight body with lovely breasts. She slowly slides her hand into her panties, you can see her lips through the material. Then the panties come off. The next few shots are full body and close up of the vagina area where she puts her hand... you see glimpses of her lips. She does a very convincing job of making you think she's actually putting a finger in, as her middle finger is bent inward and out of sight on some of the close up shots. Though I would have liked to see her legs spread a little wider, this is a very intense scene.

coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

Nude throughout

Lauren is one of the finest ladies of softcore. My personal favorite film of hers is Life of a Gigolo because she had more curves then, but her opening scene with Eddie Jay is probably one of, if not her best ever. She looks ridiculously hot getting it from behind and the camera is positioned in a really great way as she is leaning with her hands on the table. Later, she masturbates solo, and finally, we see her getting it on with Rife Urquhart in the second-best of the film. These two are really hot together and I love the fake sweat on her body. Lauren has some really perky if immovable implants and despite the bad excess collagen and botox, she has still kept her pretty face and figure all these years later. She also has this really convincing way of moaning during sex that gives all these butt-ugly porn starlets a run for their money. No girl-girl scenes, though, which is rare for her but would be out of place in this film.

helmut was written on August 10, 2002

Sex with boyfriend

Lauren is late for dinner with her boyfriend and makes it up to hiim by having sex. She looks awesome in the scene, her breasts and ass are great. She simu-orals him and then he bangs away at her from behind. Great shots of her bent over the table and her expressions are good. She is also in a scene later with the opposing lawyer where you get more of a look at her great body.

Web of Seduction (1999)
BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002


Walks out to hot tub wearing a silver lame french cut bikini. Strips off top to show almost perfectly matched, perfectly round silicone balloons. Masturbates topless in hot tub rubbing her tits and crotch--can only see above water. Brief shot of upper ass fault and back when she turns around. Strips out of miniskirt pants suit to teddy and then only in stockings, you get a brief shot of her pubes--look black. She then pours champagne over both chest orbs and then does a brief simu-sex. Strips out of blue robe to naked and shows side ass and tits and legs. She then straddles Tracy on a chaisse lounge and get very brief crotch shot with tits. She then sits in another chaisse lounge for a full sidal shot.

Winchester was written on December 23, 1999

A lot of nudity at this one, kids...

She appears nude a lot along the movie. Plenty of full frontal; there is a great masturbating secuence while swimming in a pool and daring lesbian performances with her female co-stars. Great and audacious nudity shots and ridiculous plot...

dougal was written on February 7, 2000

There's a whole lotta sexin goin on.....

Lauren Hayes turns in a truly sex-drenched performance in this one, folks. Another must-see for Lauren fans. She starts out by gratuitously masturbating in the jacuzzi where she is certain the other guy can see her. Long, clear shots with no guy in the way! Soon after, she has sex with the guy during a party while up against a mirrored wall. After she decides on the murder plot, she starts off her plan by screwing him in a desk chair, starting off with a little bondage, then pouring champagne all over her body. She mixes in a little naked sunbathing/massage of Tracy Smith, before ending up with a marathon three-way tour de force with Nancy O'Brien and the fitness instructor which has to be seen to be beleived.

Temptations (1999)
dougal was written on February 6, 2000

Numerous scenes

This perfect specimen of womanhood has five very hot sex scenes in this movie:In the opening scene, she has sex with her boyfriend in a barn after masturbating by herself a little first. The scene is long and shows everything.Then she has an equally explicit lesbian love scene with Monique Parent on a pier on a pond.Then she wakes her boyfriend up in the middle of the night to have sex involving ice cubes and a very appealing 69, among other activities.Next she is back to fantasizing about the farm hand, sitting on a saddle in the barn, while we see what she is imagining. This scene might have been the best of all (though short), except that it is heavily overexposed, I guess to reinforce that it is not real.Finally, she actually screws the farm hand, in his house. Another long, excellent scene.All in all, this is unquestionably the best sex work I have seen yet by this excellent actress.

BushLeague was written on September 18, 2002

White woman with red hair is on fire

Hay barn: Removes bra and reveals the tits that silicone built. With one trim thighed leg with foot on bucket, shows legs and tits in cut-off jeans. Fantasizes touching a guys crotch. Then the "real thing" and shows whole shebang (breast, buns, and triangle flash).

Pier at pond: Takes off lime colored panties and walks bare-assed towards water. Takes off bra at end of pier to show tits in sunlight. Rubs oil on Monique's nude body and scratches her pussy itch with Monique's fur pie.

Lies in bead all sweaty: Is kinda dark--mostly tits visible. She simu-orals and then gets porked from behind, tits and bush visible from afar.

Sees guy hosing himself down: Fantasizes about having sex with him; mostly tits and red bush in another barn scene.

Bedroom: Is topless in purple panties. Then gone and shows tits, ass, and bush. Real slow foreplay. She then gets on top and shows tits, left side and bent leg uncovered. Yee-hah, ride 'em cow girl!

Stripper Wives (1999)
scanman was written on September 28, 2001

She shows it all in this hot movie... About 3 or 4 scenes!

You can see Lauren masturbating, having an orgasm, having sex and stripping in this movie directed by former pornstar Paul Thomas. All scenes in this movie are well lit so if you're a fan of any of the girls in this movie: DON'T MISS!!

Playboy's Girlfriends 2 (1999)
Crime & Passion (1999)
ScreamoKid was written on March 18, 2003

The most you;'ll ever see of Lauren

Like noted before, there is three long lesbian scenes with Nikki Fritz, plus even more for her. One rather sexy scene where she receives a shoulder massage from Nikki Fritz while topless, one where she strips nude and masturbates in the bath, and very lengthy one where she takes a show from a bucket in the desert, allowing us to see every inch of her body over and over. Once again, you see everything, tits, bush and ass, and with more screentime to even count. The only downside is Lauren has dyed her trademark red hair, but she still looks gorgeous and exposes more than any performance I've ever seen.

Sex Files: Digital Sex (1998)
Chicago was written on March 21, 2001

2 scenes...both original

Lauren has two original nude scenes in this movie...1 of only 2 actresses. At :03.5, she has a 3.25 sex scene with a nitwit guard to distract him while she lets her male counterpart into the facility. The first 2.5 min. of the scene is fairly dimly lit but you see her breasts and ass as they have sex standing. Later in the scene there are better views of her breasts and bush (briefly) as she rides the guy. At :57.5, she has a 3 min. sex scene with a guy in the tunnel after seducing him with the virtual reality headset. The sex is boring and Lauren doesn't do much for me, but the nudity gets a 4 as you see everything.

Rebecca's Secret (1998)
Gordon was written on May 17, 2001

Topless on a bar

Lauren is sitting on a bar in a teddy as she and a guy make out. He pulls her teddy down, revealing her full, beautiful breasts. They continue to make out as he fondles and kisses her. She then removes his pants and they go at it. Nice scene, and Lauren's whole body is just gorgeous and hot.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Sexing guys and rest of movie

She is seated on top of a bar with a teddy on. It is removed and her right tit is shown. Some kind of neck wrap keeps obscuring one tit or another so both are never quite seen at the same time. She gets off the counter and bends over slightly and you get to also see the side of her bare ass and legs and tit. The next scene is much better. She starts out in the standard lacy wonderbra and stockings and garters and skimpy thong panties. She strips off bra revealing puurfect no jiggle round breasts. Slowly rolls stockings off legs to nothing but thong panties. Nice rear view of nice firm flat butt and slinky gams. No sexy action is shown. Has a red rob on, it is slightly dark, she drops the robe and you see a full length rear shot as she wiggles it for a guy on a couch. She then straddles him on couch with her back still to us and her gorgeous cello shape with sinewy back is shown. After some fake oral in which you barely see leg, she lays on couch and he kneeds her tits then some fake sex shows her round melons again. Some more fondling. Thats all folks. She also strikes many long leggy "glamour" poses throughout movie.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Sexy action on bed

Brightly lit scene on a canopied bed. She is on top of a guy wiggling and mostly breasts are shown, occasionally back to top of ass. He then takes her from the rear while she is on her left side and we get a full frontal with leg obscuring bush. Then some more tit shots.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Again on top of guy on couch

This scene is slightly dark and mostly shows her ripped back and heart shaped ass with occasional tits. Much more hip to hip "contact" is shown.

Life of a Gigolo (1998)
coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

Her finest hour

Lauren has never looked hotter than she did in this film. Her opening scene where she gets it from behind on the desk is forever etched in my brain. Her breasts are amazing and actually move unlike her later films where she seems to have lost all body fat and therefore her still-very-nice implants are stationary. Her moaning is incredible and her scenes getting her feet wet as a hooker are very hot, as well. We get oh so many views of her breasts and bush and she has a nice spankable ass, too...lots of scenes in power suits and voyeuristic indulgences. This is a cant-miss film for Hays fans.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Whole enchilada

Opening credits, romantically lit (slightly dark), has dress unzipped: Takes off bra, brief breast; hand and thong covered ass; Slightly dark mowhawk bush; both breasts. Bosses office: mini skirted long thigh scene; he pulls down top to reveal yellow see thru bra, lifts up skirt to reveal yellow see thru panties, he chows down on panties; They switch to desk, off comes bra, both tits flop out, hikes up skirt, reveals round twin buns and panties come off, she gets it from rear, just showing jiggly breasts and muscular back. Preparing for three way: Lifts shirt and shows glossy globes; Kisses girl, shows tits and side legs and butt; masturbates on couch in thong-- full shot with tits and legs. Before solo sex with gigolo: Strips from bra and panties to nude, two brief bush shots; straddles him and another fur frame.

Chicago was written on March 3, 2001

Starts tame, ends strong - 8 scenes

Lauren has 2 brief nude scenes (opening credits, :29) and 6 longer scenes (:26-:27.5; :50.25-:57 - f/f/m w/ Mark/Tara...see description under Tara; 1:11-1:14.5 - f/f w/ Gwen...see description under Gwen but Lauren's nudity is mostly her breasts since the focus is on Gwen; 1:17-1:18.5 - full frontal and long bush shots; 1:22.25-1:24.75; 1:26.75-1:27.75). Most of Lauren's scene involve full nudity.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

Too many scenes to count

Lauren has hetero scenes, lesbian scenes, stripping scenes and a menage a trois in this film. She looks great as always and the scenes are hot. My only complaint is that there weren't enough long, drawn out shots her of great body. Still, it's hard to fault this film, this is more like a 3.5 stars -- a must see for Lauren fans.

GuyMannDude was written on March 3, 2000

Full frontal

I forgot to mention that Lauren shows a lot of full frontal nudity in this film -- make my rating a full four stars instead of 3.5!

Dangerous Invitation (1998)
Gordon was written on May 17, 2001

Almost constantly nude

Lauren is naked in practically every scene she's in. The other reviewers have done a great job of describing things, so let me just reiterate that Lauren's body is absolutely wonderful and that her scenes are titilating to the nth degree. Check this sexy chick out!

Chicago was written on January 17, 2001

Tons of sex

The last reviewer is dead on! Butt, breasts, bush in nearly every least 9 nude scenes. Has sex in a car, lawn chair, steam room (lesbian with Yates), foreplay in a hammock...etc. Also strips off top while playing volleyball (Yates too) and getting into a shower. Good shots of her bush!!!

Rosenkavalier was written on July 21, 1999

Lots 'o full-frontal nudity...

Lauren Hays spends a hell of a lot of time totally nude in front of the camera in this one. Every time you turn around, she's stripping out of a swimsuit, her clothes, etc. She also does some nice simul-sex scenes. The story is totally forgettable -- just fast-forward 'till you see her reaching for an item of clothing.

Club Wild Side (1998)
snowdawg was written on March 13, 2001

Her scenes in movie

If your really into Lauren Hays, this movie is bascially an side dish rather than main course. Lauren has 2 scenes that are notable but other than that, if your looking for alot of views of Lauren nude, this is not the movie to drool over for her.
Early half of movie she shows off her lovely boobs with a few brief shots of her pubic hair as she gets ripped by the grounds taker in a potting shed. The other scene worth mentioning is at the end as she gets it on with her hubby. Once again nice views of her boobs with a few pubic shots. Also a view of her ass.

That is the reason for 3 stars, would of gotten 4 if Lauren appeared in more nude scenes.

Also Lauren does Sage Kirkpatrick after spending time away from hubby. This scene Lauren just shows her boobs and thats about it as Sage shows all of her goods (boobs & her pubes).

Chicago was written on March 13, 2001

Sex w/ Groundsman, Sage and Hubby

Lauren lives in an open marriage gone sour (gee, I wonder why) who tries to save their relationship. At :12-:14.75, Lauren has a rendezvous with the groundsman behind the wall while Sage watches. Lauren’s lightly tanned body/breasts are on display; also get to see her dark amber pubes close-up as her panties come off and they have sex. Most of the focus is on her breasts. At 1:12.25 (1¾ min), Sage consoles Lauren which turns into a f/f where Lauren’s breasts are licked by Sage, then she performs oral sex on Sage. At 1:35, after everyone else having sex, Lauren finally has sex with her husband (2¼ min.) You see her breasts, several views of her pubes as she’s undressed and on top of him, and her ass. Lauren’s a mildly attractive redhead with an okay body, but nothing real exciting.

Alien Files, The (1998)
Chicago was written on February 19, 2001

3 mini-scenes

Lauren, the redhead, has 3 brief but good nude scenes chopped up by the director within a 5 minute time period. At :45, she is being watched over a bathroom having sex with her boyfriend. Her large breasts come out of her top, her boyfriend squeezes them and starts doing her. At :47, the scene resumes as Lauren’s breasts, ass and top of her bush are seen from overhead. At :48.5, after being cloned by the alien, she strips off her top revealing the best close-up of her breasts, and then moves back to the bathroom stall to have sex with her boyfriend…breasts bouncing as the clone assaults the already exhausted guy. Each mini-scene is ~1 min.

Raven (1996)
Immy was written on September 7, 2005

Topless (0:27)

Lauren plays a senator's babe. She's in the back of a limo with Peter Savard and he gets quite comfy by taking off everything except panties, a garter belt and stockings. We're afforded no prolonged boob shots however, because the director frequently cuts to the exterior of the limo as it drives. At least they use Beethoven as mood music though.

Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure, The (1994)
Rosenkavalier was written on July 21, 1999

Tame and all-too brief...

I'm only giving two stars because I really like Ms. Hays -- otherwise, it'd be a one-star appearance. She only appears topless, at the very end of the film, in a scene that is way too short for the build-up.[A side note: her appearance in this film is what I refer to as a 'trade-off' in on-screen activity. The other girls in the film -- Avalon Anders and Laura Hudspeth -- spend hours and hours topless on camera. At least it seems that way. So, in exchange for only a brief topless appearance, Ms. Hays is then the only one in a true love scene and the only one to be felt up on camera. Not an earth-shattering revelation, but the kind of detail that I find fascinating.]Another tidbit: she met her future husband on the set -- Gary Orona, the director. And, in an interview contained in the 'Girls of the B Movies' DVD, she revealed that she hated her male co-star with a passion, and only got through her love scene becuse her husband-to-be helped her work through it.

Mirror Images II (1993)
Ozzie700 was written on September 8, 2002

Getting to know Shannon Whirry

In the last third of the film, Shannon is given a surprise by her husband (he thinks she's her sister though) - Lauren Hays. The ensuing sapphic sex lasts for about 2-3 minutes. Lauren reveals her small breasts, then her dark triangle, and there's even a rear shot as she is on top of Shannon and rubbing her own backside (while holding gloves, so it looks like she's going to wipe). One of her early nude appearances.

Meatballs 4 (1992)
Rosenkavalier was written on July 21, 1999

Don't waste your time looking for her...

I'm only adding this as a point of reference -- someone might see Ms. Hays' name in the IMDB listing and think she's really featured in the film. Unfortunately, she cannot be positively identified as being in the film AT ALL. There is a likely shot of her in an early shower scene, but the actress in question never turns her face fully toward the screen. Again, this entry is only to document what is NOT involved for her. (Focus instead on Cristy Thom...yow!)

Immy was written on June 25, 2005

Confirmed topless (0:05)

Lauren is changing clothes in a room with Miche René Straub and Cristy Thom (on the right). She's wearing a form fitting black body suit which she pulls down revealing both boobs. This is probably her first nudity on film and you can tell she's a bit self-conscious by the way she bends over trying to conceal her boobs with her long hair. And she's got blonde hair instead of her usual redhead look.

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