Lust and Revenge's Sexy Actresses

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Karvan, Claudia 1 Review
Dobrowolska, Gosia 1 Review

Lust and Revenge's Sexy Actors

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Hope, Nicholas 0 Reviews

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Claudia Karvan
tazzie was written on June 18, 1999

having sex with Nicholas Hope

Claudia is on top, but the camera is side-on andsomewhat behind the action, so all we get to seeis one breast as she leans forward. Earlier inthe movie, she also runs around in bra and pantiesafter taking a drug that makes her hot for sex.

Gosia Dobrowolska
tazzie was written on June 18, 1999

posing for sculpture

In the movie, Gosia is a very conservative woman,who would never pose nude. After she is given aa sex drug in her tea, she poses naked with herhusband (Nicholas Hope), lying across his lap.

Nicholas Hope

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