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1996 Sweet Angel Mine 2 Reviews
1989 Cold Comfort 1 Review

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Sweet Angel Mine (1996)
Chicago was written on December 11, 2002

2 scenes

At :13.50-:14.10, Margaret's ass is seen in the background (distant) as she is starting to take an outdoors shower. At :55.10-:57, Margaret has sex with Billy Lee in bed during a lightning storm; her small breasts with smooth, light brown areola are viewable in decent lighting as she's under him with covers around their waists as he's doing her. 2 1/2 *'s.

duckem was written on August 8, 2000

topless loive scene

Margaret has a love scene near the
end where she goes topless. The lighting is
good and she is not wearing pasties this time
so you clearly see her nipples. But for some
strange reason she did not shave her underarms.

Cold Comfort (1989)
duckem was written on August 8, 2000

My Canadian Cousin Grows Up

There are two scenes. One where she undresses
to take a bath. She takes off her shirt but she
is wearing pasties over her nipples. But there
is a fully nude shot of her from the rear. The
second scene is where she does a topless dance
but the scene is very dark. Your best bet to see
her nude sans pasties is Sweet Angel Mine (1996).

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