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year title
1971 Seduction of Inga, The 2 Reviews
1970 Eugenie... the Story of Her Journey Into Perversion 4 Reviews
1969 Three-Cornered Bed, The 0 Reviews
1969 Grimm's Fairy Tales for Adults 0 Reviews
1968 Inga 2 Reviews

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Seduction of Inga, The (1971)
Immy was written on July 22, 2011

Nude or topless often

Marie doesn't waste any time reminding us why the first Inga film was a success. She wakes up and has a nice shower (0:00:35, no pubes visible) and gets dressed. Putting on or removing clothes becomes a theme
throughout the movie. First when older lover Lennart Lindberg asks her to put on a tiny dress without undies (0:25, rear nude); then nude again trying on another small dress (0:55, nude) and yet again (1:12, topless). She has her share of romantic encounters too. First is a flashback with her former boyfriend (0:10, taking her bra off, then more topless in bed); she has a tumble with Lennart Lindberg (0:31, right boob, then topless and almost bare butt), followed by guitarist Tommy Blom (0:48, topless in bed) after which she quietly leaves the next morning (0:49, topless sitting up in bed then nude gathering her clothes). Inger Sundh doesn't like that Marie fancies Lennart so she rips Marie's dress off her (1:14, right boob) but they soon make up and kneel nude facing each other(1:15).

bushyboy was written on July 4, 2015

Nudity all through this movie

Less than a minute in, we get boobs. Then all the way to the end, there's boobs, butt many times and bush a couple of times!

Eugenie... the Story of Her Journey Into Perversion (1970)
dav345 was written on August 24, 2003

Full frontal/rear

You see her nude many times throughout the movie. At the 27 minute mark, she is nude in the tub and you see her dark, full bush through the water. Then, she gets out and you briefly see her big, perfect, young butt. At the end of the movie, you see her butt and brief frontal while she runs around nude for quite a while. There is other nudity from her and others throughout the film.

slavedriver was written on April 9, 2003

Several scenes

Her body is shown in its entirety several times, for long periods. Keep in mind that it's from 1969, so there are no "sex scenes", but some minor lesbianism where Maria Rohm licks and sucks on her boob. Nudity like this you just don't find anymore: gratuitous, in your face, and unending.

icebag2 was written on September 3, 2007

Gratuitous nudity at its finest

This movie is a pretentious try at bringing a de Sade story to life, but you can ignore the story and focus instead on this amazingly beautiful young woman. Every line, every curve, every swell of her young figure is absolutely right, and the parade is non-stop. She is naked or in a state of semi-dress throughout the film. The shape of her butt, which we see as she suns herself lying face down after a bath, is incredible. Watching Maria Rohm rub lotion on it again, and again, and again, will blow your fuses. I’ve written longer reviews about less attractive women, but why bother here. Just get this film and see her for yourself.

BushLeague was written on July 28, 2003

DVD "Extra Features"

Nude on stomach on a towel, her great Swedish meatballs of an ass jut into the air like tits. And then her adolescent 34c tits when getting oiled by Maria. Her right breast pokes out from under the covers while Maria sucks on her left one (sucking obscured by blanket). Shows both perfect flawless fun bags when standing in front of a mirror. Shows her identical twins again, only with phony beating marks on them while held in bondage on a bed. 3*s, but she is just so perfect!

Three-Cornered Bed, The (1969)
Grimm's Fairy Tales for Adults (1969)
Inga (1968)
Warlokc was written on March 20, 2002

Wow! Whole Movie.

Wow! I saw this movie for the first time tonight and it was quite a surprise. There is no explicit sex, but it is still very hot for 1967! 17 year old Marie Liljedahl is achingly beautiful as the innocent young thing who goes to stay with sexually adventurous relatives. Soon she is taking part in the festivities. She shows breasts and buns in a sauna, then her breats and perhaps a whisper of pubic hair in an extremely erotic scene where she strips in front of a window. She masturbates, but her body is positioned so that you can't see much of her. Finaly, she makes love at the end of the movie, and she is shown from the waist up, clearly receiving oral sex. Marie Liljedahl's body is natural, and for those who appreciate true beauty, spectacular. Her face and eyes are also so good looking that you may forget to look at her breasts. This is not a movie for those who want full frontals and explicit sex, but if you are looking for beauty and erotic situations, this is the best pick you will find.

BushLeague was written on October 5, 2002

Gets undressed a few times

A 17 yr old Swedish beauty with an apparently natural set of perfect, firm, no sag round 36c's and banana bread loaf buns of steel. She walks back into a shower with a towel on her front and gives a flat lit, almost full rear showing her fabulous, no jiggle hot cross buns. A shower door obscured shower reveals some nipples and tit and some right left leg. She strips in front of a window and goes to bra and panties, and then nude. You get a quick side long glance at her nippled wonders and her round pimento loaves before she puts on a not so see-thru teddy--very obscured bush shows through. A brief masturbation scene shows only leggy-legs peeking out from teddy. She is getting what is supposed to be oral sex (not explicity shown) and both her golden globes with puffy aurelae extensions are very clearly shown. There are other brief, similar tit and ass shots by other gorgeous blonde Swedish swinger chicks sprinkled through the first half of the movie. Not bad for 1967!

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