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Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Rollins, Brittany 1 Review
Rocilili, Bianca 1 Review
Rochelle, Amy 4 Reviews
Prester, Meaghan 1 Review
Parent, Monique 5 Reviews
Mantia, Julianne J. 2 Reviews
Harris, Robyn 5 Reviews
Harris, Gail 2 Reviews
Drew, Griffin 7 Reviews

Masseuse's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Abell, Tim 0 Reviews

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Brittany Rollins
Immy was written on April 14, 2010

Topless (1:20)

Brittany's topless in bed with a guy getting her back massaged. She's laying on her stomach but her back is arched enough so we can see her boobs very clearly. A tad too brief though.

Bianca Rocilili
Cyclone was written on December 23, 1999

Topless after massage

Bianca has a brief but beautiful topless scene near the end of the movie. We get treated to a very clear shot of her wonderful breasts, but it was disappointing that the scene didn't last longer.

Amy Rochelle
hornfrog was written on October 14, 1999

Great scene

Great sex scene where Jack is boning Amy who plays his maid. They are doing it in his bedroom. Showing off her great body (Wow, those are nice tits) Very erotic because how Jack manipulates Amy to sleep with him....Excellent movie

BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003

Griffin Drew re-drew

She is getting it from the same guy on the same bed and in almost the same manner as in Drew's scene. Tits while taking it in missionary position. Showsheart shaped butt with nice tonga tan line and bare right tit while in "Ride'em cowgirl" position. I think the supposed "penetration" was the guy's knee cap at exactly the right angle.

karmatramp was written on July 11, 2000

Is it real?

Amy is actually riding this guy for all he's worth, or the shadow just looks extremely phallic. When the scene cuts from a distraught Griffin Drew back to Amy and her boss there is a brief moment where it seems there is penetration. I doubt this would be the case, but it sure looks like it.

Gordon was written on February 9, 2000

Getting it good

Amy is in bed getting it really good from a guy. Her body is really hot, and I love the way she writhes passionately and arches her back as the guy screws her and feels her up.

Meaghan Prester
Immy was written on April 14, 2010

Topless (1:17)

Griffin Drew sets up a $1000 per customer massage night in her home and her buddy Monique Parent calls in Meaghan and two more "pros" to handle the workload. Meaghan brings her nerdy customer into a bedroom and strips off her top but it doesn't go further than that.

Monique Parent
BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003

Makes a bit of a splash

She completely naked by a pool and rubs water over the front of her body. As the camera tilts up you see her very nice legs, the briefest upper hint of black bush and her way too unyielding 34c chest mounds. We then get a darkened view of her wide hipped flat ass and the rea\st of her nude body as she sashays toward the pool boy.

CMA was written on May 1, 1999

Sexy Pool Scene

I don't find Miss Parent to be particularly attractive. Her face is, unfortunately, quite unappealing. However, in her films, her sexy, petite body more than makes up for these facial limitations. In this one, Monique has a fantasy in which she stands by the pool and caresses herself with water. She is completely naked, and the scene is quite yummy. Unfortunately, this is her only nude scene in the film. If you're looking for serious Monique Parent action, check out the superior Play Time.

MV was written on January 8, 1999


In a blue bikini and as a blonde. She is having a fantasy of her and the pool cleaner *who cares about originaliy* and as always she LOOKS GOOD!

Cyclone was written on December 23, 1999

Poolside nudity

You get a pretty good look at Monique by the pool in this movie, but I still wasn't too impressed. Her face and body weren't all that appealing to me, and things were made worse by just how pale she looked. For me, at least, nothing special.

WickedSceptor was written on September 8, 2001

Hot poolside action!

Okay...I'm gonna have to disagree with the other previous posts. Monique has a very beautiful face. In this scene she get's in the water and splashes about...splashing water all over her boobies.

Julianne J. Mantia
dogbreath was written on February 1, 2000

Massage scene

Unrated version. Really this rating is kind of a toughie--its a little too short, and just when you get a good viewing angle, the camera hops around again (when will these DTV directors get their heads out of their asses and leave a good scene on for more than a microsecond!! The editing/directing of the sex scenes in DTV movies absolutely boggles my mind). But Julliane's body is delicious, so I gave it a 3. The scene opens with her giving a guy a back massage in front of a fireplace. Then her lingerie comes off for some bump n' grind. She gets a little licking leaning back, then she hops forward on top to get down to business. You get to see nice shots of her round, firm breasts, and a few seconds of full frontal while she rides the guy. Could've rated this scene a 2 because of the fairly rapid cut aways, but her body is just too good!

BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003

Fireside chat

Slightly dark and romantically lit fireside tryst has her legs sticking up, but guys leg obscures her butt. She just shows both 36b's briefly.
When are they going to make a movie about a masseuse that is actually about a girl that gives massages?

Robyn Harris
hornfrog was written on October 15, 1999

Great flick

Like Amy Rochelle, Robyn (a.k.a. Gail Harris) has only one scene where she is in the office with Jack (the main Villain). Great erotic scene where they are doing it at work and afraid of getting caught. I found that Robyn was hotter than the other chicks. Great ass biting scene also. All and All this was one of my favorite movies

Sorcerer was written on December 10, 1999

For the record

Robyn Harris and Gail Harris are one and the same.

Cyclone was written on December 23, 1999

Fun at the office

She has sex in the office fairly early in the film, and we get some breast and butt shots. I'm not much of a fan of hers, but it was still a decent scene that is worth a look.

BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003

Office hanky panky

She's nude on the desk and shows right, firm melon ball with conical nipple and bares part of right butt cheek. Very muscular calves and legs. Did not see any p-lips.

karmatramp was written on July 11, 2000

Miss Harris' Lips

Before she is pounded by her boss he takes her thong off. We are greeted with a brief glimpse of lips as the camera angle is low enough behind her. Excellent scene and she is really attractive. Movie is stupid though.

Gail Harris
rocco-rules was written on December 9, 2004

rear-view fur burger

In the scene where her boss bangs her, Gail turns around, loses her thong and when the camera pans down her butt, we get a fairly long (3 or 4 seconds) look at her p-lips from behind. Sweeeeet !

GuyMannDude was written on February 19, 2000

Sex in office with boss

Her boss convinces/blackmails her into sex in the office. Scene starts slowly with him pulling off her bra revealing some great breasts. Then turns her around to work on her from behind. Camera thankfully stays still to capture all the action. Great shots of her breasts and bum. Action intensifies until he's literally making her bounce.

Griffin Drew
crazy was written on September 17, 1999

sauna scene the hottest!

The scene of Griffin Drew with her husband fails in comparison to the hot sex that occurs in her dream sequence with the pool man (unedited version). Although her pubic hair doesn't show in this scene (granted, it did appear VERY briefly in the scene with her husband - so fast you would miss it if you blinked) it is the hottest. The sauna dream has the most explict action she has ever done in any of her films. It includes her large rosy erect nipples actually being sucked and plucked several times as the pool man moves his head from hard pounding full breast to the next several times. HOT!!! A real eye popper. Unbelievable. I'm a big Griffin Drew fan and this is truely her most explict stuff.

Gordon was written on February 10, 2000

Two sex scenes

There are two sex scenes, both of which feature the beautiful, busty Griffin getting naked and getting it hard between the legs. In the first scene she and her husband are in the bedroom and she's wearing some sexy lingerie. Slowly she works her way out of it and the two put their bodies together for some nice action. The second scene (which is by far the best) involves her and a pool guy in a sauna. Griffin's ample bosom is on full display as the guy fondles and kisses them, and watching Griffin writhe, gyrate, and moan while the guy gives her all he's got is pure pleasure.

MV was written on January 9, 1999

Bedroom scene

Very nice LONG scene of her getting out of her lingerie and having sex.

CMA was written on May 1, 1999

Great Sex Scene

Sex scenes don't get much better than the one shared between Griffin Drew and her on-screen husband. She starts out wearing some devastatingly sexy lingerie, and is soon down to nothing as she engages in some seriously hot action. A long scene, too (wink). Plenty of other nudity too, but that scene is the film's best.

Cyclone was written on December 23, 1999

A couple of sex scenes

Personally, I preferred her sex scene with the pool guy over her scene with her husband, but both give us a great look at this beautiful woman. The focus in these scenes is clearly on her breasts, but I don't think that too many people should have a problem with that. Very nice.

BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003

Pool boy cleans her pipes

In the version I saw, she only has one sex scene and shows mostly her already overdescribed silicone chest mounds and some brief ass. Lots of slow pelvic thrusts.

crazy was written on July 20, 2007

one scene very tame

she is in the movie allright

Tim Abell

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