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Melanie Lynskey's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2006 Park 2 Reviews
1994 Heavenly Creatures 10 Reviews

Melanie Lynskey's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2003 Two and a Half Men 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Melanie Lynskey member submitted

Two and a Half Men (2003)
Park (2006)
taurus was written on July 9, 2007

Topless in van with nudists

At :40 she gets talked into taking off her top. Brief scene but well lit.

Ghostwords was written on August 10, 2012


Ms Lynskey and her companion strip naked in front of a couple of guys, but although they slip their panties off, it's shot so that we only see their breasts.

Heavenly Creatures (1994)
Jackelope was written on October 21, 2005

Melanie sitting up in bed

Somebody wrote that the "lesbian kissing scenes are quite disgusting since the girl that Kate's kissing is a dog". To each his own, I guess, but if Melanie Lynskey is a dog, I wish they had more dogs like her. So she's a little plump. Why do they all movie women have to be bony anorexics?
On the version I just saw on on-demand cable, I clearly saw her nipples as she sat up in bed (she doesn't seem to have any aureolas, but maybe they were erased by makeup). You can practically feel the smoothness and softness of her shoulders, arms and breasts. I pity and man (or woman) who can't appreciate that kind of beauty.

TheFan was written on August 5, 2003

Sitting up in bed

Stills from this elusive scene can be viewed at

TheFan was written on January 22, 2001

Breasts after "deflowering" scene

I don't know if this scene was included in the theatrical release, because no one has mentioned it, but in the version being shown on cable there is a scene in which Melanie Lynskey's character is being "deflowered" (her word) by a young man. After having one of her clay-figure hallucinations during the process, she announces that she has to go, and sits up, briefly exposing both of her breasts in full. She looks very white, very soft, and very young. (She turned 17 the year the movie was released, and might've been 15 or 16 when it was in production.) So shame on us for looking at her, but after all, this *is* the Good Stepsister from Ever After.

tickledick was written on July 3, 2005

No nipples with guy

I watched this on a BBC channel, in the UK, to check the topless scene intercut with the clay figures. I saw no nipples. Admittedly, in this widescreen version, the nipples would have been at the bottom of the screen so may have fallen into the 4:3 safety net.

howie was written on January 13, 2001

Bath nipples

Sitting nude in the bath with Kate Winslet, Melanie's nipples are just visible below the water, nice too. She also gets nude in bed with Kate but nothing can be seen except their kissing, but we know they made love "all night".

Chicago was written on February 26, 2002


The full-chest view that TheFan describes was not included in Max's recent broadcast. There are a couple of soapy water scenes at 1:02-1:02.5 and 1:20-1:21, but neither showed any nudity. There was a lesbian kissing scene at 1:19.25-1:20 between her and Kate where both are naked but nothing is shown. So, if there's nude viewing out there for Melanie in this flick, it wasn't in the version Max showed.

Antman was written on October 22, 1999

Brief breasts

This cute young actress plays Kate Winslet's lesbian girl friend in this excellent movie. We get a quick peek at her breasts when she takes a bath with Ms Winslet late in the movie. She's a little overweight in the film and the exposure is pretty brief; but she is really cute and is acting in a lot of films lately. Hopefully, she will have a better nude scene to review very soon.

TheFan was written on March 14, 2001

Not on video!

Just a footnote to my previous review:

I rented the tape and confirmed that the scene I described is NOT on it. Sorry. The movie was broadcast on cable again just today, however, and I confirmed once again that the scene definitely is there. So, if you want to see/save it, watch for it on premium cable and have your finger on the "record" button.

cybordemon was written on December 28, 2002

Tub Scene

There's an Uncut DVD release now out. Check it out, there's one scene where the 2 girls are in the tub and their nipples are slightly visible through out their conservation. There's a better scene where she's in bed with a guy and you get a good look at her rack when she sits up.

thairaunt was written on November 16, 2008


The lead character (the obese one) sits up displays her breasts briefly. The scene is well lit and you see her massive pale breasts and bright pink nipples. Decent lighting and probably the best exposure. 1 star due to the fact that it was the fat one instead of the beautiful young Kate Winslet.

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