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2002 Secret Pleasures 2 Reviews
2001 Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas 1 Review
2001 Phantom Love 1 Review
2001 Kept 1 Review
2000 Bare Deception 2 Reviews
1999 Dark Passion 2 Reviews

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2000 Passion Cove 1 Review

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Passion Cove (2000)
Chicago was written on February 17, 2003

3 scenes in "Gotta Run"

At :08:19 in this episode after Michelle's walked in to the guy's office one night while he's working, the guy imagines her briefly standing in front of him topless...2 sec. breasts. She later returns to his office, Michelle kisses him, clears his desk, he feels over her clothes, and at :13:30-:15:40 slides up her dress, revealing her ass in a g-string; 20 sec. later her breasts (enhanced, still dimpled) and then ass are revealed as he removes her top and panties and simu-orals her while she sits on the desk. The two then move to sex, him standing and her sitting on the desk, before he 'wakes up' to what's just been his fantasy imagination. After Michelle simu-orals the guy on the love seat while he's blindfolded, at :24:40-:27:20 she unties her dress top and pulls it down/off...breasts and ass in bikini bottoms. The scene then cuts to the two having sex on the bed with him on top kissing her, simu-ing then sexing her...breast views. Michelle then moves atop giving better views of her breasts, ass and 3 brief pubes flashes (not enough to raise it above 3 1/2 *'s) before the two cuddle briefly at the end of the episode.

Secret Pleasures (2002)
Cyclone was written on January 28, 2003

Several scenes

Michelle first shows some skin about 28 minutes in, when she's in the pool. We see her odd-looking breasts several times, and some underwater looks at her ass, but much of her exposure is too shadowy. 39 minutes in, she has her lesbian scene with Ahmo Hight, and we get many more looks at her breasts, which have some seriously unattractive nipples, and a very quick look at her bush. 47 minutes in, she's talking on the phone completely naked, but all we can see are her breasts. She briefly gets naked again 59 minutes in, and we get to see her breasts and bush during another water scene. And finally, 63 minutes in, we see plenty more of her breasts, and a few looks at her butt during one last sex scene. Overall, while her exposure is plentiful, I've never seen Michelle look worse, thanks largely to her unappealing breasts.

Chicago was written on August 17, 2001

5 scenes, most short

If you like Michelle and her dimpled breasts, you get a number of decent views of her in this flick. At :21.25-:22.5, Michelle goes swimming with a guy in the pool at night. Her top is removed as he suspends her on the water and they kiss in the darker lighting; also see her ass through the water. At :31.25-:32, Michelle has a tame start to a f/f with Ahmo as her top is taken down. At :34-:34.75, she is naked talking on the phone with a guy, giving clear shots of her breasts. At :45.25-:45.5, she is swimming and you see her ass under water as she glides...then there's a really close shot of her breasts (too short) as she pulls herself up from the water onto the side...ass too. Finally, at :49-:50.5, Michelle has sex in the woods with Steven Curtis (thankfully, who doesn't speak in this!)...breasts again.

Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas (2001)
Chicago was written on November 11, 2001

1 scene

At :56.5-1:00, Michelle has sex with the guy in the kitchen on the island while the pots overhead are rockin'...breasts and ass.

Phantom Love (2001)
Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

1 scene & No Respect

Reading the introductory credits, you see Michelle’s name is misspelled as “Plotow”…that’s when you KNOW you’ve got no respect! At :02-:04, “Plotow” has sex with a guy on the couch…enhanced breasts with dimpled areola and side ass, as she rides him. More like 2 ½ stars.

Kept (2001)
atom was written on August 9, 2003

breasts and butt in multiple (mildly kinky) sex scenes

In this B-movie ripoff of "Basic Instinct," gorgeous Michelle treats us to multiple views of her reasonably shapely butt and her firm breasts (which look too good to be natural). Since I'm gay, I may not be the best judge, but I thought von Flotow seemed a little too bland to be really hot. She is, however, exceptionally well-preserved--with perhaps a little too much styling and cosmetics--for an actress playing the role of the "older woman." Although we don't get to see her vagina (in the scene where she spreads her legs for Christian Oliver, she seems to be wearing panties), she doesn't leave much else to the imagination. Her performance here will be of particular interest for viewers who like mildly sadomasochistic scenes. Von Flotow ties up hunk Micha May once and male lead Christian Oliver twice; she commands Oliver to get down on his knees; and she lets Oliver tie her hands up once. You go, girl!

Bare Deception (2000)
Chicago was written on February 7, 2001

3 scenes

At :45.5-:47.75, Michelle has sex after hours at the radio station. You see her breasts and ass in spite of the shadows. At :52.5-:53.25, she has sex with the guy under the radio station lights and you see her breasts and abdomen but again no bush. Both scenes are 2*s. At 1:03-1:07, Michelle has sex on a leather couch and finally you see clear, long, well-lit shots of her breasts close-up, including her pinkish areolas. She does a simulated oral sex scene, she’s on top of the guy, he gives it to her from behind. A detractor is her indented nipples…obviously where she received her operation for her taut breasts.

Cyclone was written on January 20, 2003

A few scenes

Michelle doesn't get naked until the 46 minute mark, when she has a rather tame sex scene. All we get are a few looks at her boobs, and one good look at her butt in this scene. 52 minutes in, she has another brief sex scene, this one with arguably less exposure than her earlier scene. Her best exposure comes 63 minutes in, but again, we really only get some looks at her breasts, and a good look at her ass. Facially, Michelle looks great here, but her odd-looking breasts and limited exposure make her nudity rather disappointing.

Dark Passion (1999)
Chicago was written on April 3, 2001

8 scenes

Michelle is nude (8 long scenes) throughout the movie, mostly when having sex with Morgan Daniel, the caretaker. In each of the scenes, she reveals her firm (but fake) breasts [these even have dimpled areola] and often her ass and sometimes her pubes. Highlights include: :13.5-:14.25 trying to seduce her hubby by pulling down her lingerie top; :21.5-:25.75 sex w/ Morgan…breasts, ass, pubes (esp. as they collapse at the end); :32.25-:35 sex w/ Morgan in pool…mostly breasts but also ass and pubes glimpse underwater; :42.5-:46.25 sex w/ Morgan on bed including her pubes as she’s rolled off him on her side; :58-1:02.75 VERY NICE 4-some with Morgan/Taimie/Shayna w/ full frontal (see description under Taimie and Shayna); 1:09.75-1:11.5 sex w/ Morgan by window…better shots of her ass; 1:15-1:18.5 sex w/ Morgan on floor…pubes included; and 1:19.75-1:20.25 brief breasts while on video tape having sex w/ Morgan in pool. While the sex isn’t that exciting and her boobs are obviously implants, she does have a nice body and the 4-some is the hottest of the movie.

Cyclone was written on October 24, 2002

Numerous scenes

Michelle first shows some skin about 13 minutes in, when she drops her robe, revealing much of her ass. Moments later, she briefly bares her breasts, and when she stands up, we get another quick view of her butt. 22 minutes in, she has her first sex scene, and we get several views of her boobs and butt, and even some bush, especially at the end of the scene. She has an underwater sex scene 32 minutes in, and we see her butt and bush in the water and her boobs both in and out of the water. She has another sex scene 43 minutes in, and again we again see her boobs from a variety of angles, and some of her butt. At the 58 minute mark, she gives us a full frontal to start a 4-way sex scene, and spends much of the scene riding the guy, giving us many frontal views of her tits. We see plenty of her ass during her scene 70 minutes in, but the views of her breasts are sometimes too shadowy here. 75 minutes in, we get a great look at her breasts once her robe is opened, then see some of her butt, and plenty of her boobs while she's on her back, riding the guy, and taking it from behind. Finally, we see her boobs briefly 80 minutes in, when we see a video tape of her having sex in the pool. It's weird, but in many of her scenes, I didn't think she looked too good, but in others, especially near the end of the film, she looked excellent. I guess it's just a matter of having the right lighting and a good angle.

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