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year title
2005 Loverboy 1 Review
1998 Escape, The 3 Reviews
1994 Heaven Help Us 1 Review
1993 Bank Robber 2 Reviews
1991 Run 1 Review
1988 Some Girls 9 Reviews
1987 Meatballs III 1 Review

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Loverboy (2005)
Ozzie700 was written on September 10, 2001

Budoir Gymnastics

There's a comical scene in this very 80's film of Patrick and Kim Miyori tumbling and rolling all over each other in the bed (in silhouette because of curtains that look like mosquito netting). Hip and a hint of his rear can be seen, if that's him. He was so skinny then.

Escape, The (1998)
MaleBeauty was written on July 16, 2001

ass, big hung balls, maybe dick

i give the scenes in this movie 4 stars, cause all the ass shots are good, well lit, and great views, but the MAIN reason why i give this 4 stars is cause it shows us how much Patrick has "growned" and matured" since his nudity in the movie "some girls," when he gets up from the bed you can see his balls and maybe dick real well, and his balls ARE HUGE, DANGLIN, JIGGLIN AROUND, he must of went through puberty later in life, cause I cant belive these are the same balls and dick from "some girls," AWESOME patrick!

Bubblez was written on October 21, 2000

Butt while having sex

Wow! Patrick is just so hot. We get to see his bum serveral times. And his butt is really great!


Samuel was written on September 29, 1998

Several good shots whilst making love and after.

Dempsey is really buff in this movie! You can see his buns briefly 2 or 3 times whilst making love. But the best scene is the next morning when he gets up off the floor completely naked an walks over to the window. Here you get a great shot of his buns!! WOW!! You can see his dick very briefly from behind between his legs as he stands up - this is a bonus, but the buns shot is worth the price of rental alone!!

Heaven Help Us (1994)
abbafan2 was written on August 12, 2005

swimming pool

You need a good eve to see Patrick, but he has a quick frontal shot as the camera first shows the boys standing by the pool. His rear end is visible when he's jumping in. (Standing in line, he's one of the few boys not covering his penis.) For a better nude scene of this handsome actor get "Some Girls".

Bank Robber (1993)
JJM was written on January 30, 1998

Shower scene

Shower scene

Samuel was written on January 18, 1999

Several butt shots in unrated version

You get your money's worth of Dempsey's butt in this one - he sure can't be called shy!! There are several shots of his very cute buns and lean bod in a very HOT sex scene with Lisa Bonet. Very explicit and great viewing!! There is also a brief shot of his ass in the shower later in the movie also very nice!! Miss at your peril!!

Run (1991)
MaleBeauty was written on July 10, 2001

no nudity

i rented this the other night to see if there was any nudity, there is none what so ever, unless there is some new version, i seen NO nudity

Some Girls (1988)
spliggy was written on May 22, 2004


Disappointing for a good looking guy to have such a miniscule penis.

BKW was written on January 15, 2002

Wow, it's dinky!

I can't believe my luck. Is this movie on DVD? Patrick Dempsey is a total babe and we get to see everything he's got. He has the cutest little butt, but smaller and cuter still is his button of a weenie. How adorable! I'd like a poster of this scene. You could cover his penis with a bingo marker dot. I wish I knew how much it grew. Thank you, Patrick. You've made my day.

atom was written on August 9, 2003

full frontal & embarrassment scene covered by washcloth

As usual, Patrick Dempsey plays a "cute" but charmingly gawky young man. In this film, he takes off his clothes with a number of actresses (even, at one point, removing the top of seventy-year-old Lila Kedrova). The best scene, as several reviewers have pointed out, is a four-minute sequence in which Dempsey strips naked while initiating sex with Jennifer Connelly (who remains in a bra and panties). In this scene we see the twenty-two-year-old actor frontally nude, revealing a slim, wiry, boyishly hairless runner's body. The sex is interrupted by a phone call from Connelly's mother, who calls to ask her daughter to go downstairs and turn off the oven. Connelly obliges, and Dempsey follows, covering himself with only a washcloth, only to discover that the family is waiting downstairs as part of a surprise party. The scene plays on sexual humiliation fantasies by cutting in such a way that Dempsey seems to be confronted by the family while he wears only the washcloth. It's an old gag, but also a funny one. Dempsey escapes through a window and climbs to an upper story, providing one of the many scenes in which we see his perfectly tight little ass. In the next scene we see him drinking and soaking in a tub when Sheila Kelley, who isn't aware of his presence, comes in to compose herself in the mirror. When she realizes that he's watching her, she becomes furious, and Dempsey jumps out of the tub to chase after her and apologize. As he comes out of the bathroom (wearing only a washcloth again), he is embarrassed to encounter Kelley's father. All in all a very arousing performance.

69-Me was written on September 10, 2000

short scene, short-

It's true. Pat has the yummiest ass, face, body and is purely the imbodiment of everything 'lickable' but his dick has got to be the smallest ever caught on film.
He gets about 5-10 secs of nek-ed-ness time but that's about it. Still, he's one pure 'mmm-fine-guy'.

Rodnreel was written on September 27, 2000

A Head Above

To mention it yet again, Patrick's penis here is in less than full bloom. It's a full frontal, as he's sitting on the bed, towards the camera. We see a small thatch of pubic hair, and then a penis head perched on top of his testes. The penis has no length to speak of--it's just a head. I wonder, was it terribly freezing in that room? It was very brave of Patrick to do this--I hope he doesn't regret it. (On a sidenote, which other actors have the smallest penises? Steven Weber's full-frontal in "Single White Female" also comes to mind here.)

murray was written on September 21, 1998

nude scene

Very pleasing to the eye, especially the backside nudity. There are some frames with full frontal nudity - but it could have used some fluffing up. Maybe Dempsey will redeem himself & sport his package again in another film.

Chad was written on October 19, 1998


Dempsey has one of the smallest penises I've ever seen. Very brave of him to do afull frontal scene. Charming.

Jenny was written on October 30, 1998

Bedroom Scene

Patrick is not shy. He has a very long nude scene that includes frontal nudity. He does have a very small penis though.

SceneSean was written on January 16, 2008

HOT Full Frontal Sitting on Edge of Bed

Patrick Dempsey is seen full-frontally naked in the theatre and in the VHS versions of "Some Girls" sitting on the edge of the bed.

In a realatively long scene, the then 21-year-old actor's girl-friend has just gotten out of his lap and he sits there, fully naked, pauses, huches over, then pulls his shoulders back, drums his hands on his thighs and then growls at her.

His penis is doing "the button thing" completely above his equally visible scrotum because he's sitting and apparently not huge (at not least when flaccid) but Good God is he beautiful ! ! !

He then grabs a small towel, holds it over his crotch, and procedes to chase her through the house giving many a view of his buttocks.

The DVD of the film (at least the one I saw a few years ago) crops out his frontal nudity. This is strange, because every indication suggests that the nudity was intential and is sad because this has to be one of the hottest male nudity scenes ever. However, if it's any consolation screen-caps of it seem to be all over the internet.

Meatballs III (1987)
Samuel was written on September 29, 1998

In the shower

Doesn't really deserve three stars as scene is a little brief. But for a clear shot of Dempsey's buns at the age of 21, it's worth it. He's quite skinny here but his butt is pretty nice.

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