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1995 Mad Love 4 Reviews

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Mad Love (1995)
RealRedDevil was written on November 19, 2004

Boobs and Butt

Excellent lingering butt shot lying in bed. Brief breasts having sex. Brief left breast after breast feeding her baby.

ff was written on May 27, 2004

T&A and possible body double

you see her buttas she lies in bed with Daniele Liotti then brief breasts while they have sex. The second scene is when she`s wiping her breasts after breast feeding but you don`t see her face. The last scene is when she exposes one of her breasts to Liotti but again you don`t see her face and if you look at it it seems larger and the areolas larger so I`m pretty sure the last 2 scene were done by a body double.

TranslucentShield was written on January 27, 2003


Brief tit shots as she lies in bed with her new husband after having her cherry popped.

BBjuggles was written on May 2, 2005

sexy princess

Pilar's character of Princess Juanita is very cute and generally horny, throwing herself at her new husband with some frequency, though he finds her odd and probably mad.
As mentioned by other reviewers, the milking breasts shown are probably a body double's, but in the context of the movie, the performance is quite sexy. When Juanita's husband rejects her offer of a full breast to suckle, I'd say he's the mad one... ;)
Earlier, there's a sexy shot of [the double] dabbing milk from her nipple after feeding the baby.

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