Possessed by the Night's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Tweed, Shannon 3 Reviews
Taylor, Sandra 1 Review
Rochelle, Amy 1 Review
Bergman, Sandahl 4 Reviews

Possessed by the Night's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Prior, Ted 1 Review

nudity reviews for Possessed by the Night member submitted

Shannon Tweed
BG was written on December 14, 1999

very brief

She's working out and removes her top exposing her breast. Then there's a short sex scene.

GuyMannDude was written on February 19, 2000

Tweed sex scene

Shannon and the man are being 'influenced' by some kind of monster-head-in-a-jar and finally jump each other's bones. The sex is very animalistic with Tweed slaping the man's face and the guy gripping her by the throat -- both making grunting noises. The whole thing is set to jungle music. A very interesting and exciting scene but it is shorter than one would like and the camera spends too much time on Tweed's facial expression and bouncing hair and not enough on other bouncing things!

Gordon was written on September 20, 2001

Sex scene

Shannon and a guy have wild sex, but unfortunately the nudity is tame by Shannon's standards. Too bad, because she's still got a toned body and great tits after all these years.

Sandra Taylor
Ozzie700 was written on April 19, 2003

Body double

Sandra is credited as a body double, I'm guessing for some of Shannon's scenes (there's an exteme closeup rear shot which may be her).

Amy Rochelle
Ozzie700 was written on April 19, 2003

Breasts (?)

Amy is credited as bikini woman, and the only scene with women in bikinis is from about :16-:17, when she and another woman are giving their boss a shoulder rub. The other woman, wearing a bikini top, is named Trina. She calls the topless woman Tina, but there's no Tina in the credit. So by process of elimination, I guess it's Amy.

Sandahl Bergman
oldbabe was written on January 7, 2002

Firm and full

Yes, Sandahl at age 43 still posessed the night with her firm and full body. Hope to see more of this still.

nudedude was written on June 23, 1999

2 Great scenes

There are two great nudity scenes in this movie - the first one has her making sweaty love to her husband; the second has Shannon Tweed menacing her and her husband with a gun forcing the husband to make love to her. Breasts are clearly visible and on screen for quite a while. This is one that is definitely worth owning.

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001


she is getting out of the bath and you get a great view of her tight taut breasts.

Gordon was written on September 20, 2001

Two sex scenes and several other nude scenes

Sandahl gets naked at least four or five times in this movie. The sex scene with her husband is by far the best of all the scenes despite being the darkest. Her thin, tight little body is on display as she and the guy go at it with abandon. Especially nice is when she's riding him because you can see her firm breasts and her ass. Later she has a sex scene with Shannon Tweed's husband as Shannon holds them at gunpoint. In addittion Sandahl is seen naked in the shower, while laying on a bed, and taking off her top.

Ted Prior
Ozzie700 was written on April 19, 2003

Brief rear; Unrated version

I haven't seen the R-rated version, but in the unreated version there are several decent shots of Ted's shapely ass. This is during the early part of the film, when he's having sex with Sandahl. No more nudity after this, although he does wear very snug jeans throughout.

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