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2001 Phantom Love 1 Review
1999 Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps 2 Reviews

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Phantom Love (2001)
Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

1 scene

If the bulky dude Shannon does at 1:02.75-1:04.25 is an artist, then she is an early century waif who just happens to have tanned and enhanced breasts…breasts and ass.

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps (1999)
icebag2 was written on July 4, 2007

Breasts from Heaven

Shannon has one sex scene, a three-way with Amber and Nicolas Yff. There is no girl-girl action, though. She has not only the best breasts in the movie, but better breasts than whatever you saw in the last ten skin flicks you watched, regardless of which ones they were. They are full and well-shaped from top to bottom. They cover almost her entire chest and there is no sag. If these are fake, hats off to the surgeon. It is her nipples that flow smoothly from the rest of the breast that make this pair a show-stopper. Most women’s nipples are more or less stuck on, but hers flow from the shape of her marvelous breasts and cap them off in a way that turns them into a work of art. But it’s OK. They’re on display in a museum where touching the art is allowed. Lastly, what’s with the garter belt and stockings? Did they have those in the Old West?

Immy was written on October 29, 2005

R-rated version contains no nudity

Less of a review and more of a warning to avoid the R-rated, 72 minute version. Shannon's threesome with Amber Newman and the sheriff is devoid of any nudity.

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