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year title
2000 Night Calls: The Movie, Part 2 1 Review
2000 Animal Attraction 1 Review
1999 Veronica 2030 2 Reviews
1999 Sexual Chemistry 1 Review
1999 I Like To Play Games Too 2 Reviews
1998 Playboy's Girlfriends 1 Review

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Night Calls: The Movie, Part 2 (2000)
Chicago was written on April 19, 2001

2 scenes

At :26.5-:27.25, Stephanie starts sexing a monk; you see her largish breasts with pink areola as well as some close bush views. At :30.25, the scene resumes with more breast shots…1.5 min. Attractive girl.

Animal Attraction (2000)
Phred_Phlinstone was written on June 10, 2002

The UNRATED is a must

Stephanee is the hot blonde with perfect sized breasts (man-made mammeries). The unrated contains 19 ADDITIONAL minutes of footage (2 sex scenes entirely cut from the R-rated version). By far the best work by Stephanee with simulated scenes in all the standard positions. Great stuff

Veronica 2030 (1999)
Cyclone was written on January 11, 2000

Sex scene

Stephanee is kept covered up for much of the film, and that's probably why I liked her nude scene so much. With about a half-hour left, we get several great looks at her very nice breasts and one very brief glimpse of some bush. Her nude scene is one of the shortest and least graphic in the movie, but it's still one of my favorites.

BushLeague was written on September 1, 2002

R-Rated version "sex scene"

Is shown for a fairly long time, well lit, from the rib cage up during luke warm sex scene (rubbing of breasts, brief kisses on both breasts). No bush shots shown. This was by far the hottest sex scene in the R-rated version.

Sexual Chemistry (1999)
Starduster was written on September 23, 2000

Numerous Nude Scenes

LaFleur has several topless or nude scenes in this film, so I'll point out the highlights.
Early in the movie she excitedly fondles he breats in the ladies room. Around the half hour mark, she has a humorous office love scene with brief breasts, buns ,a little full-frontal.Not long after, there is shower scene featuring several good close-ups of her expansive chest, plus some more full-frontal. I've doubts that her impressive boobs are all natural, so "just" three stars. But LaFleur proves to be a genuinely talented comic actress which make the nudity more enjoyable.

I Like To Play Games Too (1999)
Chicago was written on January 29, 2001

He even gets the assistant

Bobby beds Tracy, Stephanee LaFleur, who is Maria Ford's assistant in the movie in an attempt to steal the account. At 1:20, you get a 3 1/2 min. long scene to see her breasts, ass, and bush, including simulated oral sex from him. She is extremely attractive and has a great body, more natural than Maria's. Unfortunately it's too little, too late for "Tracy," as Bobby's already given the account to Maria's character for her rampant nude scenes!

soulman was written on July 21, 2001

Cute, But Not Enough

I wish that I could give this performance 2 and a half stars. While Stephanee is cute and shows quite a lot in her one and only nude scene, it comes a little too late into the movie to really matter, especially compared to Maria's many, many scenes.

Playboy's Girlfriends (1998)
BuffaloBoy was written on August 6, 2002

In "Slumber Party"

Chapter 8 of the DVD, "Slumber Party", beginning at 0:49:21 and lasting 8:38. Stephanee LaFleur, Linda O'Neil, and Antoinette Abbott. First, they strip for each other before changing into lingerie, then they play strip poker and finish off with a pillow fight. Full nudity.

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