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2013 Defiance 4 Reviews

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Defiance (2013)
georgelloyd1 was written on May 14, 2013

Loving the alien

In the closing moments of episode five, the flame-haired alien Irisa (Stephanie Leonadis) gets down and dirty with her adopted father's deputy (literally: it's on the floor of the police station). She's on top and whilst their lower halves are blocked, you see brief glimpses of her nude left side above the waist, including hints of left side boob as their arms move around.

georgelloyd1 was written on July 2, 2013

Once you've had orange, you never go back

Just before the opening credits of episode twelve, Irisa slides across her boyfriend and removes first her shirt, then something that resembles a sports bra. It's shot from the back, but we get brief glimpses of her upper torso as they roll about on the bed. However, careful placement of their arms and the subdued lighting ensure we never really see anything, in which case why bother?

georgelloyd1 was written on July 9, 2013


Around forty minutes into episode thirteen, Irisa clambers off a medical table. There is a quick flash of the side of her right boob as she grabs Nolan. Nothing else.

nekkidchix was written on July 9, 2013

All episodes

She isn't nude and doesn't show any nudity.

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