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Drew, Griffin 2 Reviews

Subliminal Seduction's Sexy Actors

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Katherine Kelly Lang
StevieY was written on September 3, 2000

gorgeous blonde soap star

Anyone's who lusted after Katherine watching "The Bold and The Beautiful" daytime soap will love this movie. Katherine's large, firm breasts are shown in a shower scene. I'm very glad Katherine has joined the ranks of soap stars doing nudity, others being Krista Allen, Hunter Tylo and Eileen Davidson.

Gordon was written on October 31, 2001

Two great sex scenes of this AWESOME babe

Katherine is very, very hot in this flick. She has an absolutely gorgeous body (if there is a flaw, I don't know what it is), and her breasts are especially firm, shapely, and utterly spectacular. She shows off her goddess-like body in two sex scenes--one in a bathtub and another in a shower. There is plenty of nudity as the guy gropes and sucks her breasts, licks wine off her body, and screws her royally. With a body like hers, who could blame the guy? Seriously, you must check Katherine out--she is absolutely amazing!

Bootydaddy was written on January 29, 2002

Very nice indeed

KKL shows off her INCREDIBLE breasts to us in this cheap Roger Corman flick. She bangs Ian Zering in a bathtub early in the movie (shots of tits and brief bush), then about 10 minutes later her and Zering are in a shower together where we get to see those greats titties again. My only complaint is that there in never a good shot of her ass. But other than that it is great!

McKinnon was written on March 29, 2011


It\'s very rare to see a soap star show all while they\'re on the soap. Usually there are some type of rules or something. Katherine is a stunning woman and I\'m glad she was able to show everything while in her prime.

SAH was written on January 12, 1999

sex scene with 90210 wonderboy Ian Ziering, lucky guy

She screws Ian in a bathtub, very erotic.

RoyMunson was written on January 11, 2001

My prayers have been answered

After starring for about 15 years on the soap "The Bold and the Beautiful" the smoking hot KKL takes it off for this cheesy Andrew Stevens flick. She wastes no time having a great one minute romp in the bathtub w/her husband as soon as they arrive in Vegas which culminates in him pouring champagne over her nearly perfect batural breasts. If you look closely, you can catch a brief glimpse of her snapper, which is surprising to for a well known tv star to do.
She must dig the water, becasue a half hour later, she's at it again w/the husband - this time in the shower. Not as good as the bathtub scene, but he does give it to her from behind. Although she's got to be pushing 40 by now, this babe is better looking than most any 20-year-old you can find. *One drawback is that her husband is played by Steve from "90210" (Ian Ziering). You can probably find it for under $10. Do it!

RFA was written on February 29, 2000

Two hot sex scenes

I generally don't care that much for implants but in Katherine Kelly Lang's case I am willing to make an exception. The nudity is well lit and the scenes are fairly long. The first one takes place in a bathtub, the second in a stall shower. Hey, they're just having some good, clean fun.

Mr_Shhh was written on August 19, 1999

Gorgeous, Firm Tits

This one gets the Full-Balls 4 star rating. KKL has the nicest tits in the world. you could bounce a quarter off of those puppies and they wouldn't jiggle a bit. Great shots of her in the bathtub riding that annoying 90210 guy. She leans back and impresses us with her firmness, then he pours champagne on them and goes to town. Later on, a shower scene that is equally as nice. GREAT TITTIES!!!

scanman was written on April 6, 2002

Brooke is finally showing the goodies!

The below reviewer did a great job describing the scenes. I just want to add the masturbation scene towards the end of the movie. KKL is under the spell of a computergame and starts playing with herself. There's no nudity whatsoever, but the scene is hot!!

Jomyboy was written on October 12, 2000


One sometimes wonder why do such beautifull, sexy, heart throb babes throw open thier bodies for everyone to see ... Itz good though ... otherwise we wouldnt have ever been able to explore Katherine .... The scene has such intensity ... perfect background (A BATHTUB)... one couldnt think of a better way to present it .. as always katherine looks beautifull and her breasts are perfectly in shape .... all those who watch BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFULL must be thinking this is thier lucky day to get to see kelly fully nude ...The wine sprinkling on her .. and the way the guy just suckz her boobs ... i bet he wouldnt have ever got a better one to suck at :-).. a small scene even shows off her frontal hair .... This scene deserves 10 STARS !!! YEAH !! 10 STARS !!!
on the whole .... Be a katherine fan or not ,you will surely love this scene !!! Dont take my word for it though .. Check it out for yourself :-)

Rainer Grant
MisterGreen was written on December 15, 2000

The Office Assistant I wish I had!

Rainer portrays Angie, an office assistant. Angie's boss has been subliminally induced to make love to Angie. It turns out Angie was simullarly indiced to seduce her boss. They make love will BIG BROTHER is watching & video taping them. Rainer has a fantastic body that we do not get to see enough. I need to see this on a DVD. Great BOD, nice tits.

Gordon was written on October 31, 2001

Sex scene

Ranier has a sex scene in which she gets naked, showing off her tight, hot body. This babe has great tits and a firm, shapely ass, and an overall hot body. She's not nearly as attractive as Katherine Kelly Lang, but she still deserves all 4 stars.

Griffin Drew
MisterGreen was written on December 15, 2000

Game Test Subject

Griffin portrays a test subject for a new computer game. As the subliminal messages come to her, she has her top removed revealling two beautiful tits. She is then raped and programed to forget the attack. Great tits!

Gordon was written on October 31, 2001

Having dress removed and then raped

Griffin has her white dress removed, revealing her large breasts. She is then raped and her memory erased. While her breasts are sizable, they aren't all that shapely and firm. Griffin is still attractive, but this B move star is past her prime.

Ian Ziering
Ozzie700 was written on October 5, 2001

First Review is Right On

Ian has such a hot ass, and we never see even a hint of a full view. Showtime at it's worst.

marky_markmm@hotmail.com was written on February 22, 1999

Chest & Rear scenes

In this movie which advertises itself as a sex thriller, is actually quite dull! Ian is naked in 3 scenes. The 1st is having sex with his wife you see mainly his chest and a quick side view of the top of his butt. The 2nd you see the full side of him nude as he presses his crotch up against his wife. The 3rd you see a brief view of the top of his butt as he mounts a woman.

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