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Lang, Katherine Kelly 1 Review
Fanaro, Mary 1 Review

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Katherine Kelly Lang
Immy was written on November 12, 2010

Brief left nipple (0:05)

KKL is in bed with hubby Scott Valentine. We see her reflection in the mirror as she makes out with him and her left nip (it appears to be the right one until you realize it's a mirror image) pokes into view a couple of times from behind her arm.

Mary Fanaro
Immy was written on November 12, 2010

Brief topless (0:16)

Hooker Mary has a quick scene in bed on her back being rutted by ex-con John Enos. Only lasts a couple of seconds. Later when Scott Valentine goes looking for her he makes his way thru a seedy strip club with a handful of uncredited topless girls in the background (1:02).

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