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1995 Star Maker, The 4 Reviews

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Star Maker, The (1995)
Starduster was written on June 17, 1999

Fully nude stripping for lecherous businessman, soon after, exposing breasts for the con man, later, nude love scene.

I first saw some pictures of this lovely Italian actress when The Starmaker was reviewed on TV, and she was captiving. Nearly a year late, the film came out on tape, and to my delight, she had three nude senes in the film. Talk about a dream come true. Lodato doesn't appear until nearly an hour into the show, but is almost immediately strips totally nude- good close ups of her ripe body. The subsequent topless shot doesn't show as much, but is still a turn on. She didn't really seem to get into the later love scene, but it is rather long.This beauty from Italy really mpressed me. In the words of Dean Martin, That's amore

Sexdemonno1 was written on January 23, 2008

Voyeur is an idiot

So what if this gorgeous woman has a 'sizeable butt'? It's just normal and curvacious. Nothing wrong with her ass at all in my book. Voyeur would like to be so lucky to get Lodato anywhere near him! lol Anyway she's nude at first for this horrible old creep who studies her great big tits and nice rounded ass in detail and then pays her. Then she's nude later on in the film when she has sex with the hero. There's some good moaning by her and you get to see everything. This girl is DEFINITELY one to look out for! Superb nudity.

voyeur was written on February 14, 2002

Inspection scene

She strips for a lecher. The scene is actually shot from 10 to 15 ft., not from close-up. Ms. Lodato has a magnificent set of jutting breasts, but with that comes a fairly sizeable butt, which detracts somewhat from the spectacle and rates it only 3 stars in my book.

anima was written on October 6, 2000

a statue

This is a great movie by Giuseppe Tornatore. And Tiziana is a great surprise. She has a total strip and she turns on. You see all her magnific and explosive body. Alse the man who looks at her in the movie says: a statue!

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