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Élodie Bouchez
scanman was written on June 9, 2002

6 nudescenes .... all over 1 minute! GREAT!

This is the Elodie Bouchez movie you don't wanna miss! She has 6 nudescenes, including 2 full frontal and a scene where she's clearly squeezing a guy's dick over his underwear and in his underwear.... for about 30 or 40 seconds! Other scenes are all very well lit, very close and very hot! The 6 nudescenes are all in the second part of the movie! The digital version of 'Too much flesh' wasn't very good though. Too bad, but the scenes deserve 5 stars! Don't miss it!!

Rosanna Arquette
scanman was written on June 9, 2002

One topless scene in bed, masturbating.

I can't believe this movie wasn't added by someone else already. Anyway, the topless Rosanna scene lasts for about 1 minute. She's alone in bed and playing with herself (nothing below the waist is visible, but she's clearly masturbating). Her husband disturbs her from outside the room, but Rosanna continues what she's doing. A couple of minutes later she's masturbated by her husband standing in the livingroom. She still has her clothes on, but it's a hot scene with some exciting dialogue!

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