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Rosanna Arquette
sirspread was written on March 4, 2003


what more can you say rosanna topless in the bath tub covered in soapy suds and the scene goes on and on,if this scene dosent get you standing to attention nothing will........superb

Concise was written on March 14, 2000

Astounding scene!

This scene has Rosanna sitting in the bath with her breasts on full display for several minutes. Despite only being boobs on display it gets four stars for the quality of the boobs, the length of time they visible, the way they bob and bounce around, the soaps suds, and the coloration of the the scene. All these things combine to make what I think is Rosanna Arquette's best nude scene (and that's saying something).

SweetOldBob was written on August 3, 1999

Chalk up another for Rosanna

Dante is right. She carries this thing. The topless bathtub scene is even more impressive when you know that she was 38-39 yrs old when it was made. Still about the best natural body in Hollywood.And a better actress than she gets credit for. Maybe because she has been a certified kook. But you watch her body of work and you will fall in love with her like her devoted fans already have. Check out The Wrong Man, The Executioner's Song and the Van Damme flick for her best nudity.

dante was written on January 14, 1999

Bathtub scene

She has a very nice topless bath scene.About 5 minutes long.Movie was kinda lame, but this made it worth the rental.

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