Odense, Denmark

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Trine Dyrholm's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2012 Den skaldede frisør 1 Review
2007 Daisy Diamond 1 Review
2002 Bungalow 1 Review
1998 Dogme 1 - Festen 1 Review
1998 Celebration, The 0 Reviews
1996 Største helte, De 1 Review
1990 Springflod 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Trine Dyrholm member submitted

Den skaldede frisør (2012)
Ghostwords was written on April 24, 2013

Naked swim

Ms Dyrholm plays the bride-to-be's mother in this romantic drama. Circa 0:41:00, Pierce Brosnan (the putative groom's father) spots her skinning dipping (distant view of full rear nudity) and runs down a hill to warn her about the currents. She comes out the water naked, groin covered with a hand but showing both breasts and (to the camera) closer full rear nudity.

Worth pointing out that her character has just undergone chemo for breast cancer, so she's bald and has scarring on the right breast.

Daisy Diamond (2007)
Ghostwords was written on March 26, 2012


Ms Dyrholm is shown having sex with Noomi Rapace, doggie-style with a strap-on. Ms Rapace's own body blocks most shots of Ms Dyrholm, but we do eventually see both breasts and her butt. The scene lasts about 35 seconds.

Bungalow (2002)
mogens98 was written on May 9, 2010

Topless in 2 scenes

At 0:14:07 Trine is topless for 10 seconds at the pool with her bf (Devid Striesow) and again at 1:16:18 in a long scene in bed with Lennie Burmeister.

Dogme 1 - Festen (1998)
Ozzie700 was written on February 15, 2002


She's in the bathtub, head under water, then goes back above water. After this, her average breasts and beige nipples are visible for maybe 5 seconds.

Celebration, The (1998)
Største helte, De (1996)
jea was written on December 26, 2004

"Banged" from behind

This is a funny scene as well as a naughty scene.
Trine is talking on the phone, leaning in over a table. Her boyfriend comes in from behind, pulling her pantien down, taking his "little man" out, and start "banging" er from behind, while she still tries to talk on the phone. Just a glims though of her lovely ass is seen.

Springflod (1990)
CrazyKing was written on January 1, 2003

Full frontal

This is her debut movie and apparantly she's only about 17-18 years of age in it. It's unfortunately in her naitive tongue and you won't get much out of it! Hard to come by as well but you might be able to catch it if you ever visit Scandinavia. Or maybe you can find some videocaps of it somewhere on the net. I got mine from a friend.
Well, she's actually naked a couple of times in this movie but the best part is when she has just had sex with her boyfriend and she gets up and walks towards the window. She's completely naked and is showing both young, perky titties and bush.
It's a little too dark for my liking but we get a good look at her body.
A full frontal should really be awarded with 4 stars but since nobody knows who she is, she's only gonna get 3.

jea was written on December 17, 2004

She's danish

Trine Dyrholm is a danish girl, who is wery famous in Denmark. She can be seen in another danish movie "De største helte" from 1996 where she is being "banged" from behind while talking on the phone.
In this mowie "Springflod" she is naked a lot. There is also a scene where she stands topless in the bathroom, when her littlebrother comes in to take a pee.

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