Cassie Yates in Convoy (1978)
69Charger was written on March 7, 2012

In truck sleeper cab

I remember this scene from when I was very young. She looks so innocent, extremely cute too, giving herself to Kris Kristofferson, wrapped in nothing but a silk bowtie wrapped around her breasts. Very sexy too. She wears her waitress outfit, giving Kris a great upskirt getting into the truck, (we don't see it though). She reminds me a little of a younger Shirley MacClaine. Only a quick peek at her nipple as the camera is aiming too high, only resticting us to the bottom of the screen view. I remember fantasising to this scene when I was much younger. Good scene, considering it was 1978.

Kimberly Holcomb in Stripper (1985)
69Charger was written on April 23, 2011

On stage performing

Think of her as a "Linda Hamilton lookalike" (she looks a lot like Linda Hamilton around 1984) she performs wearing a leather outfit with whips. She dances around a pole topless and gives us some nice looks between her legs, even though she is wearing sexy black panties. Great looking breasts, with a pierced nipple too. That was her main scene.

The first scene you see her writhling around on the stage floor showing her breasts and bending backwards to see both her breasts, nice and slowly. Also you see her nice legs and between them nice and slowly. She is my favourite stripper in this show.

Petra Yared in Muggers (2000)
69Charger was written on April 20, 2011

Topless In Front Of Fireplace

Great scene although side on view, you see her grinding down on top of a guy back and forth showing her very nice looking breasts. At one stage you see her holding his chest like she is trying to find her best position for satisfactory results. Very worthy of a look.

Emmanuelle Seigner in Bitter Moon (1992)
69Charger was written on April 19, 2011

Kitchen Breakfast Scene

This is very hot. She looks at Peter Coyote who is sipping coffee, she wearing a robe that is barely closed, you see her great cleavage. She then takes a bottle of milk and starts drinking it, spilling it out of her mouth and down her breasts. Then she lets the robe fall off and starts rubbing the milk all over her breasts. Then Peter Coyote starts to suck on her great pair, then he starts kissing her mouth and licking all the milk away too. Then she apparently goes down on him, but you don't see that.

Kristy McNichol in White Dog (1982)
69Charger was written on January 3, 2009

Nippleslip and pubes

She is bending over with legs spreadeagled,nipples slipping out of her tank top,and also showing pubes on either side of her tiny short shorts.Not a bad scene.

Nadja Hüpscher in Simon (2004)
69Charger was written on October 20, 2006

44th minute - shower scene

Very good only see her from the waist up,but it is a great view of her soaked breasts.She is getting sexed up in the shower,and her dad walks in and he is cool with it!

Eva Duijvestein in Simon (2004)
69Charger was written on October 20, 2006

14 minute mark - beach scene

Great g string shot of her with a bare back!Then she turns side on and you see decent breast (partial) but nice.Funny dog there too!

Peta Toppano in Fields of Fire (1987)
69Charger was written on May 7, 2006

As usual,bedroom scene.

You get to see one breast,it's a dark scene though.And that's when she's lying in the bed and slowly rolls over.

Anna Hruby in Fields of Fire (1987)
69Charger was written on May 7, 2006


Excellent view of her great breasts as she removes her top!Then she has a nice sex scene.....

Ann Browning in Fields of Fire (1987)
69Charger was written on May 7, 2006

Removing dress

Great view of her ample breasts!Great nipples too!

Pia Miranda in Travelling Light (2003)
69Charger was written on May 6, 2006

In kitchen with open fridge door

Great LONG scene of Pia basically NUDE for all but a FISH strategically placed.Nice scene,you get a long look at her perky little breasts.

Claudia Karvan in Flynn (1997)
69Charger was written on April 25, 2006

28:00 minute mark.

Dark scene but you can make out her puffy nipple,and she rolls over and is on top of Flynn.A little bit of bare back too,from Claudia.

Simone Kessell in Stickmen (2001)
69Charger was written on April 23, 2006

1 hour 4 minutes (in bedroom)

Nice views of her great breasts,just good views.

Élodie Bouchez in Plus bel âge..., Le (1995)
69Charger was written on April 20, 2006

1 hour 14 minute mark

Great scene.She opens her top,revealing her sexy breasts,and with her legs opened slightly,shoves a guys FACE into her crotch.I wish I was that guy!

Bree Turner in Backyard Dogs (2000)
69Charger was written on April 13, 2006

In bedroom just after shower

I gave her a 2 because you see her sexy back,and only glimpses of her right breast....but she has a great back!

Jeremy Green in Creepshow 2 (1987)
69Charger was written on March 11, 2006

In the movie "The Raft"

She is sleeping with her boyfriend on the raft,and he is lifting up her top to look at her very nice breasts.She is very nice,it's worth a look!

Emmanuelle Seigner in RPM (1998)
69Charger was written on February 17, 2006

Pool scene

Not much on view here,but she is fully nude.Side on view of her left breast and nipple,also ass.This happens at around 34 minute mark.

Claudine Wilde in Rote Strumpfband, Das (1999)
69Charger was written on February 14, 2006

In the kitchen at a table.

No bush,but you see her great rack when she shows a guy.He also makes her spread her legs wide while wearing her panties.Very nice scene.

Agnieszka Wlodarczyk in Sara (1997)
69Charger was written on February 11, 2006

Lots of the way through!

She is hot!She is topless and bottomless alot throughout the movie!She tries seducing her bodyguard by wearing sexy lingerie,lays down topless and nude so he can't look away,they have polaroids taken in a museum,she has very pert breasts with puffy nipples too.If you have the chance,I recommend buying or at least renting this movie.She is a very big tease!

Catherine McClements in Floodhouse (2003)
69Charger was written on February 5, 2006

Topless walking into yard

Very clear view of breasts,especially her bullet like nipples when she walks into her yard to see her daughter.

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