Charlotte Rampling in Swimming Pool (2003)
oldbabe was written on January 3, 2004

classic body

I fully agree with soulman : all 58 year old women should look like Rampling - if only they could. When she laid down stark naked (pubic hair showing and suspiciously neat), you can see her body is taut as any young girl's and her skin smooth as any. Because her breasts are rather modest in size, they look quite flat on bed but does not sag in any way. Bravos.

Mimi Rogers in Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003)
oldbabe was written on August 1, 2003

They are real

Hate to be commenting on someone else's review but you touched on my Mimi goddess. Mimi's boobs are real, not implants. Although unrealistically huge but they are natural. Even Mr. Skin said so.

Charlotte Brittain in Secret Society (2000)
oldbabe was written on November 22, 2002

Huge scenes

Secret Society is a film about a group of western female Sumo wrestlers. As one would expect Sumo wrestlers to be,Charlotte is a big (and quite sweet looking too)woman. She can be seen topless in a scene where her husband painted a mouse on one of her breast (and both breasts in another). In between, she was in this scene performing some sort of ritual, immersing in a lake and both her breasts can be clearly seen. For a woman her size, the tits were surprisingly modest in size. Lovers of large women should also be happy to note that many of her fellow wrestlers were also featured in different states of undress in a sauna scene.

Aurore Clément in Apocalypse Now (1979)
oldbabe was written on November 18, 2002

French Breasts Restored

This scene were originally edited out and restored in the Redux release. She played a French widow who in the midlle of Indochina, got to meet Martin Sheen's character and had a one-night stand with him as described by the others. She has got this pair of cute upward-hooking breasts and a beautiful lanky, figure to kick with. But the length of the scene as usual were simply too short.

Isabelle Huppert in The Piano Teacher (2001)
oldbabe was written on October 26, 2002

Very brief

Artistic stuff. About almost towards the end, she gets roughed up her student lover. As she pulled her dress up to wipe her blood on her face, a quick peek of her right breast and nipple is offered. Nothing special nor erotic.

Joanna Page in From Hell (2001)
oldbabe was written on October 18, 2002

Sex Interrupted

Joanna was on top of her lover when they were interrupted during sex. Her MEDIUM (not small) breasts with PINK looking nipples can be seen for a second or two. As pointed out, it could (and should) have been a bit longer.

Sheree North in Gypsy Moths, The (1969)
oldbabe was written on September 26, 2002

topless dance

As aptly described in previous review. The only other comment to add is that the tits are huge.

Bonnie Bedelia in Gypsy Moths, The (1969)
oldbabe was written on September 26, 2002

Right Breast

Oh yes there is nudity alright if only for a micro second. At about 0:28, a very youthful Bonnie comes out of the bathroom with her robe undone. As she moves away from the door, her robe flips open slightly and reveals her right breast (with nipple visible). This one needs the freeze button.

Deborah Kerr in Gypsy Moths, The (1969)
oldbabe was written on September 26, 2002

Classic scene

A 48-year old Deborah in her only nude scene. At about 0:52, she lays on top of Burt on the couch and they kiss away with nothing much revealed. Then, with her back facing the camera, still on the couch, we get a good view of her cute butt. Finally, as Burt is on top of her we get to see clearly her left breast and nipple, with the right one slightly obscured by Burt's body. Then there is an after-sex scene as she lays on the couch but Burt sitting on the floor blocks our view. She has one great body for her age.

Sylvia Kristel in Silence of the Body (1992)
oldbabe was written on September 6, 2002

Not Sure

I am afraid the only way is to look for it in Korea itself - that's where I got my copy.

Inés Sastre in Vidocq (1967)
oldbabe was written on April 26, 2002

Quick flash

Inés Sastre loses her strange-looking clothing whilst sitting in the woods, sharing an intimate moment with Depardieu. Her beautiful natural brown breasts can be seen just for a brief second or two.

Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City (1998)
oldbabe was written on April 22, 2002

Disribing for the Photo Shoot

She is unbelievably great looking for a woman of 45 years old. Her body is superbly firm and fit. Unfortunately the scene as described by others, has most of the "action" shown from behind.

Barbara Hershey in Drowning on Dry Land (1999)
oldbabe was written on April 21, 2002

51 year-old nudity

Barbara, who was 51 then, played a soul searching woman who fell in love with her younger cab driver. At about 1.21 into the film, he helped take off her shirt and for a brief nano-second both her beautiful red nipples can be seen. Fret not, after some emotional crying and some loving hugging, they proceeded to bed. When she laid on the bed both her large, firm, smooth-skinned, fake breasts can be seen. Plus just before he moved to lie on top of her, for a second or two her half-century bush can also be viewed. I must say, Barbara is really hot and have been able to maintain her superb slim figure well although her face and skin on her hands looked a bit worn. There were two other earlier sex scenes but both times she modestly had her clothes on.

Eva Mendes in Training Day (2001)
oldbabe was written on April 20, 2002

Hope for more

Well there is nothing much to add except that let's hope this hot Latino babe will show us more of her goodies in future. Hopefully clearer and longer scenes. Plus just one little point - Eva Mendes is NOT the girl being rescued in an attempted rape earlier in the movie as noted by one reviewer.

Jens Albinus in Idioterne (1998)
oldbabe was written on April 20, 2002

Dubious shower erection

The shower scene in which Jens gets bathed by a fellow female idiot wannabe, shows a partially-erect penis. However the hard-on was shown in isolation, could've been a body-double but my guess is that it could've really been him. Besides the orgy scene and this one, he got naked another time when he ran after the car of a city council man and started stripping himself, in a mad frenzy.

Nikolaj Lie Kaas in Idioterne (1998)
oldbabe was written on April 20, 2002

Helped in pissing

Sorry to hear about the bars but the version that I saw did show how he was helped to piss by some heavily-tattooed muscle-men. Nothing left to the imagination. The helper had to hold his penis for quite awhile before he was able to pee. Quite a funny scene.

Louise Mieritz in Idioterne (1998)
oldbabe was written on April 20, 2002

Do retards have sex?

Yes, retards have needs to. Louise playing a retard-trainee or a retard practitioner, is naked in the bedroom. Her natural, mid-sized tits and bush were in full view. Not particularly beautiful but she is still rather cute.

Anne Louise Hassing in Idioterne (1998)
oldbabe was written on April 20, 2002

No tits shown

Anne who was part of the Idiots group, was somewhat modest at first, refusing the repeated invitations by the males to take part in the "gang bang". After getting her dress and panties off, they chased her into the garden. Her rather ample arse can be seen but she did not eventually show us her tits as she had her bra on all the time. Too bad, this is despite the fact that she eventually agreed to join the orgy. There were many naked bodies lying around, wriggling among themselves but no clear shot of Anne.

Trine Michelsen in Idioterne (1998)
oldbabe was written on April 20, 2002

Strong breasts

Her character, Nana is another female member of the Group. She was rather not shy about showing her strong (probably enhanced) breasts and bush. First at the pool, while displaying her full inner-idiot, had problems putting on her bikini top, which kept falling down. Next she was sun-bathing in the woods, naked and was putting on some sort of white cream as tanning lotion onto her breasts. Third scene was when she instantly volunteered herself to a suggestion of orgy. Within seconds she got fully naked and lied on the floor. Whilst disrobing part of her vagina can also be vaguely seen as she lifted a leg. Nudity-wise this probably close to 4-stars but she wasn't all that attractive though.

Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis in Idioterne (1998)
oldbabe was written on April 20, 2002

Orgy participant

Like most of the cast, she got naked in the orgy party. Her small tits and light-coloured nipples can be seen as they were all rolling around on the floor.

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